SR5 Core Rulebook + What?

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« on: <06-22-14/0820:31> »
I'm trying to find books to use with Shadowrun 5.  Everything seems to be SR4 & earlier.  Can anyone at least tell me when they will be published?

Corey White


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« Reply #1 on: <06-22-14/1044:21> »
The only other big print release (so far) is Splintered States...the opening adventure of the next story arc. There are some upcoming print releases, just announced, for July: Run & Gun and Stolen Souls. Additionally, all of these, plus more, are available digitally...suggest you check our DTRPG.

The Tekwych

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« Reply #2 on: <06-22-14/2214:39> »
There is even a SR5 only sort at Drive Through that lists only product for or adjusted for 5th edition.


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« Reply #3 on: <06-23-14/1342:36> »
Run & Gun (extra weapons, extra combat rules)
Gun Heaven 3 (guns!)
Bullets and Bandages (advanced medical rules)
Another Rainy Night (Fiction with some rules, can be converted to 5th ed)
Sail Away Sweet Sister (Fiction, 5th ed rules)
Vladivostok Gauntlet (Fiction, 5th ed rules)
Stolen Souls (update on the metaplot, Location book (Manhattan), primer on doing B&E jobs)
Splintered States (an intro adventure book)
Coyotes (rules for crossing border)
The Assassin's Primer (discussion on being an assassin)

Many sourcebooks are faily edition agnostic and can be used with 5th ed.
6th World Alamanac
Most Location books (Montreal 2074, Corporate Enclaves, Runner Havens, Seattle 2072, Land of Promise, etc)
Spy Games
Conspiracy Theories
... the list goes on, really.
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