Push: The Life of Mikael

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“Frag ‘um, if they think they can get away with this. I’ll show them. They are gonna regret the day the cut me off…” Mikael scowled as he tossed his commlink into the passenger seat of his ‘borrowed’ Westwind 3000.
            Mikael had a knack for getting people to ‘lend’ him things he needed, or more so an ability to push people into doing what he wanted.  He was a corporate man, someone who negotiated business dealings and made sure they went his way.  Mikael was on the rise, a real somebody with the skills to make things happen. He had risen faster than anyone before him (and if you ask him, after too!), and was just getting to the peak of his potential. He knew the names and faces of anybody and everybody important.  Most of them now won’t give him a second glance, but the ones that know the truth are still on his side. That all changed 6 months ago when his ‘employer’ decided they could get some chiphead to do the same work for cheaper. His was an art form, a craft honed to perfection. That drek can’t be copied by some skillwires and a fragging chip.
As Mikael drove off the sting of what they did to him was bitter upon his lips. Hatred contempt and anger, those were the feelings he held in reserve for them. The one question that didn’t need an answer was ‘why’, because that didn’t really matter to him anymore. The fact was that he was screwed over and he wasn’t going to just roll over and die like they had hoped for…
“Call Fitch,” he said while flying down the 405.  His commlink pulled up the contact info for Fitch, a sports agent that Mikael had worked with on the side. Setting this up was just the beginning, and once all of the pieces were in place he could begin his plan to take them down…
Mikael grew up just like any other corp kid, privileged and well taken care of. He had the best education, planned of course for his future in the company. Once his abilities started to manifest that the corp really began to take notice of him and how they could benefit from him. As a kid, much like as an adult, he had a way with words and always knew how to persuade people to do what he asked. As a child Mikael’s parents weren’t around much, but that’s normal for a corp kid. In contrast his uncle was always around, like a de facto father or older brother, watching out for him and making sure he was one the right path.
“What’d you mean it was McMurry, he was a fragging NOBODY!’ argued Mikael. “Even if it was him, they let it happen! I did everything they asked me to do, drek like that just doesn’t happen all by itself!’
“Calm down Mikael, I’m on your side here. Once the heat cools down we can fig…”
“It’s been 6 MONTHS” Mikael interrupted, “when the frag is the heat gonna cool down? No, not good enough! They think they can just toss me out like yesterdays’ soykaf?  The only thing that I want now is to see them crumble, and then beg for my mercy!’
If he could have been able to see it, Mikael’s’ uncle would have seen the red hot aura blazing off of him. There would be no satisfying Mikael’s’ thirst for revenge.
Corporate Spy, this was the technical term for what Mikael was. When you have the ability to look, sound, and act like anyone and everyone you don’t need fancy introductions or a man on the inside. You can just waltz in like you own the place and no one will even question you. There is only one downside to infiltrating that way, once you’re made the drek hits the fan.
“This is almost too easy” Mikael thought to himself, “these clowns don’t even realize that their own CEO is going down for this. By the time they realize what went down I’ll be long gone and the evidence will point right to Mr. Khalil.”  Mikael was sent to retrieve some info on the business deal that was about to go down between Sun Microsystems and this up and comer Blue Streak. Apparently Blue Streak was trying to make a power play into the tech world, but Mikael’s company couldn’t let that happen, at least not without making a profit.



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Nice to see a story coming from a Corp! Hope to see more!