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« Reply #15 on: <09-22-13/2007:39> »
An edit will be made, then.  Too easy.  Also, I didn't roll my nuyen yet.  I just had 5k left over from gear.
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Looking for a PBP or Roll20 game, SR 4 or 5.  I'm not picky.



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« Reply #16 on: <09-22-13/2021:09> »
Alright, cool. I'll be holding recruitment for about a day or two to see if we can get enough people to join.
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« Reply #17 on: <09-22-13/2142:40> »
Great, thanks! I updated with contacts and attribute point outlay. Barring anything further, it should be the final version of the character.

P.S. If push comes to shove and we don't have a matrix person, I've got a Decker and a TM I could submit instead.
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« Reply #18 on: <09-22-13/2206:27> »
Nah, don't worry too much. If we do end up not having a decker, then that's fine. I'll be able to adapt. :D

*begins planning to put all vital information in highly guarded host*
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« Reply #19 on: <09-23-13/0010:46> »
Johnny is an elven Sioux with a penchant for getting himself into trouble to find things out.  Fortunately, he's also got a couple powerful friends to help him out.  Speculation abounds among those who know him that his departure from the Sioux Nation was either due to his love of country music, his love of dressing like a cowboy, his horrendous luck or some strange combination of all three.  His spirits manifest as a bizarre mix of their element, and something from an old country video with a bit of snake tossed in, with the exception of his Spirits of Man, who bear a striking resemblance to the Man With No Name of Clint Eastwood fame.  He doesn't talk about his family, except to swear profusely about them in Sioux.

His fixer, and sometime teacher, Solomon Soaring-Hawk is sometimes amazed at how easy dealing with his student is.  He's gotten him to vastly expand his spell repertoire rather easily, by hiding the formulae in random places.  Solomon is a Salish Coyote shaman, who probably finds his student hilarious.  And just might call up Johnny's family with progress reports on his magical tutelage.

Briar Rose, a fairly well-connected talismonger is Johnny's regular connection for supplies, and is entirely sure that Johnny wants to sleep with her.  Which he does, but that's not the reason he prefers to deal with her.  She has good wares at a usually decent price, and sometimes she'll accept services or barter.

Seymour is.....Seymour.  A conspiracy theorist extraordinaire with a scary amount of information at his fingertips about his latest paranoid ramblings.  Great guy, when you can get him out of his mother's house and bathed, so long as he keeps his mouth shut around women.  Poor soul can barely form words arounf attractive women.

Magic:  A
Attributes:  B
Skills:  C
Metatype:  D
Resources:  E

Name     Johnny Two-Step
Race       Elf
Concept  Shaman                
PHYSICAL       MENTAL               SPECIAL
BODY       3     WILLpower 4          EDGE 1
Agility        4     LOGic 4                  ESSence 6
REAction   3     INTution 4              MAGic 6
STRength   3    CHArisma 6

Nuyen:  500

Physical   7 + 1d6
Astral       8 + 2d6

Positive                                                            Negative
Mentor Spirit  (Snake)                                      Spirit Bane  (Shadow)
Bilingual                                                            Bad Luck
Focused Concentration  2

Physical  4
Mental     6
Social      8
Skill (Specialization)  Linked Attributes Total Dice    Skill          Attrib. Mod.
PISTOLS                               AGI                5                1             4
COMPUTER                          LOG              6                2             4
NAVIGATION                       BOD               4               1              3
SURVIVAL                              WILL              5               1              4
TRACKING                           INT                5               1              4

PERCEPTION                      INT                8               4              4
PERFORMANCE                 CHA               9               3              6
NEGOTIATION                    CHA               8               2              6
ARCANA                              LOG             11              5               4              2
ASSENSING                        INT               9                5               4
BANISHING                          MAG           11              5               6
BINDING                              MAG            11              5               6
SUMMONING                      MAG            11              5               6
COUNTERSPELLING         MAG              8               2               6
RITUAL SPELLCASTING    MAG             8                2              6
SPELLCASTING                  MAG             8                2              6

Sioux                                                          N
English                                                       N
Magical Traditions                LOG              9                5              4
Magical Threats                    LOG              9                5             4
Sioux History                        LOG              7                3             4
Country Music                       INT               7                3             4

Item                                    Quantity   Rating                                                      Notes
Squatter Lifestyle                    2
Browning Ultra-Power
Spare clip                                2
Concealable holster
Regular ammo                       50                                                                       Browning Ultra-Power
Fake SIN (Rating 1-6)                           4 
Respirator (Rating 1-6)                            6
Lined coat   
Tag eraser   
Meta Link
Satellite link
Subvocal mic
Magical Lodge Materials[force] 6

Damage Resist test
Armor:  Lined coat
Total   =   Body+Mod    +    Armor+Mod
12       =           3           +             9

Spirit              Force                Services                 Optional Powers
Water                6                          5                        Guard, Binding
Air                     6                          5                        Elemental Attack, Fear
Man                  6                          5                        Movement, Physical Barrier

Spell                                    Type  Duration  Range          Drain  Dmg
Detect Enemies, Extended  M        S             T                  F        −
Spell                                    Type   Duration  Range         Drain  Dmg
Detect Life, Extended          M        S                T               F-1      −
Spell                                    Type   Duration  Range         Drain  Dmg
Analyze Truth                     M        S              T                  F-2      −
Spell                                   Type   Duration   Range        Drain  Dmg
Mind Probe                         M         S                T                F       −
Spell                                   Type  Duration  Range          Drain  Dmg
Mana Barrier                       M         S           LOS (A)        F-2        −
Spell                                   Type  Duration  Range         Drain  Dmg
Physical Barrier                    P        S             LOS (A)       F-1       −
Spell                                      Type   Duration  Range         Drain  Dmg
Manaball                              M          I             LOS (A)       F           P
Spell                                    Type    Duration  Range         Drain  Dmg
Stunball                                M           I           LOS (A)        F         S

Contact                                 Connections     Loyalty           Notes
Solomon Soaring-Hawk                3                  3                 Fixer/Teacher
Briar Rose                                     4                   2                Talismonger
Seymour                                       2                  4                 Closet-case Conspiracy Theorist

Roll for starting nuyen:

Karma Breakdown:
6 Karma for Nuyen
5 Karma for Outdoors Skill Group
15 Karma for Spirit Services
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« Reply #20 on: <09-23-13/0156:32> »
Silence, could you indicate where you put your points for attributes and skills and such? It just makes it easier for me to double check the charsheet.
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« Reply #21 on: <09-23-13/0318:02> »
Edited a step by step of the build for Dacre into my earlier post. Should be able to get a nicely formatted one up tonight and clean up the background a bit.


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« Reply #22 on: <09-23-13/1057:32> »
Since you said you still needed a Matrix-based character, I'd like to submit my decker, Pepperface. Short version is he's a college-educated decker who used to build bombs for neo-anarchist and eco-terrorist groups before becoming a shadowrunner.

Metatype: D (Human 3)
Attributes: C (16)
Magic: E
Skills: B (36/5)
Resources: A (450,000)


Body 3
Agility 2
Reaction 3 (4)
Strength 2
Willpower 5
Logic 6 ( 8 )
Intuition 4
Charisma 2
Edge 5
Essence 3.0

Insomnia, Corporate Limited SIN, Codeslinger: Hack on the Fly

+25 Karma from Negative Qualities
-10 Karma for Positive Qualities
-10 Karma for Strength 1 -> 2
-10 Karma for Charimsa 1 -> 2
-10 Karma for Agility 1 - > 2
-6 Karma for First Aid 2
-2 Karma for Perception 1
-2 Karma for Pilot Ground Craft 1

Electronics Group 5
Hacking 6
Pistols 6 (7)
Cybercombat 6
Electronic Warfare 6
Demolitions 6
Etiquette 6
First Aid 2
Perception 1
Pilot Groundcraft 1

English N
French 3
Matrix Crime (Street) 3
Eco-Terrorism (Street) 3
Matrix Security (Professional) 3
Neo-Anarchism (Street) 3
Data Havens (Street) 2
Bomb Design (Academic) 2
Computer Science (Academic) 2
Shadowrunning Community (Street) 2
Cartoons (Interests) 1

Alphaware Right Synthetic Full Arm (-24,000, -.8 Essence) w/ Cyberdeck Slot (-6,000), Agility Enhancement 3 (-23,400), Armor 1 (-7,200)
Cerebral Booster 2 (-.4 Essence, -63,000)
Alphaware Wireless Reflexes Rating 1 (-1.6 Essence, -46,800)
Datajack (-.1 Essence, -1,000)
Reflex Recorder (Pistols) (-.1 Essence, 14,000)

Renraku Tsurugi (-214,125) w/ AR Gloves (-150) and Satellite Link (-500)
Renraku Sensei (-1,000) - Slaved to Novatech Navigator
Micro-Transceiver (-100)
Fake SIN 4 (-10,000) w/ Licenses for Cyberdeck 4 (-800), Firearm 4 (-800), Concealed Carry 4 (-800), Cyberware 4 (-800), Driver's License 4 (-800)
Capacity 4 Glasses (-400) w/ Smartlink (-2,000), Vision Magnification (-250), Vision Enhancement 2 (-1,000)
Capacity 3 Earbuds (-150) w/ Audio Enhancement 3 (-1,500)
Ares Predator V (-725) w/ Hidden Arm Slide (-350), Gas Vent System 3 (-600)
Yamaha Pulsar w/ Internal Smartlink (-360)
Actioneer Business Clothes (-1,500) w/ Nonconductivity 3 (-750)
C-N Jackrabbit (-10,000)
Rating 6 Medkit (-1,500)
Computer Hardware Shop (-5,000)
Bomb Making Kit (-500)
Commercial Explosives (-100)
Middle Lifestyle (-5,000)

Signal Scrub
Virtual Machine

Baby Monitor
Defuse Demolition

60 nuyen remaining


Male Human Fixer: Good Friend Charlie- Connection 3, Loyalty 3- A fixer with neo-anarchist ties who recognized the potential in Pepperface, Pepperface credits Charlie with introducing him to the world of shadowrunner. Not the most powerful or well-connected fixer in Seattle, but Pepperface and Good Friend Charlie have a long working relationship. And it's nice to be treated like a premier client.

Femle Human Smuggler: Janet Walker- Connection 4, Loyalty 2- A fellow former neo-anarchist, although Janet Walker refuses to admit she's given up the cause. Now an extremely successful drug runner, weapon smuggler, and general ne'er-do-well par excellence, Janet Walker and Pepperface have a lot in common. Walker enjoys working for neo-anarchist and eco-terrorist groups the most, but she'll move product for anyone that pays.

Male Dwarf Academic: Professor Feodor Belyakova- Connection 2, Loyalty 4- A professor from Pepperface's college days that he managed to keep in touch with. The professor has his suspicions of what Pepperface is doing for a living, but they do not discuss it openly. Instead, the two mainly "talk shop." Professor Belyakova is a brilliant computer scientist, and Pepperface respects his opinion on matters concerning the Matrix and computer hardware.

Description Rail thin and pale, with wispy russet brown hair. Besides a receding hairline and dark, sleepless circles under his eyes, the guy could be considered handsome. He appears to be in his late 30s, and is usually wearing a rumpled black Actioneer business suit. Onlookers get the impression that both the suit and the guy wearing it have seen better days. He has a predilection for clove cigarettes, and a musty, perfume-like odor hangs around him.

In VR, Pepperface often picks an inconspicuous icon, especially when on a run. When relaxing in some well-protected, shadowy corner of the 'Trix, however, he sometimes adopts his custom-coded icon, an unnerving image of a humanoid figure with stretched out, unearthly thin limbs. The face of his icon is a blurred mess of pixels, and the icon carries an ever-smoking ARO cigarette in either hand. This is the true ‘Pepperface’, and it’s the image he will present in the Matrix when trying to impress a Johnson or otherwise groom his online runner presence.

Background: Edwin Kinnison was born to noveau riche parents. Successful entrepreneurs that sold their start-up to Horizon, young Edwin had every advantage in life. Though technically employees of Horizon (and saddled with a Corporate Limited SIN), Edwin and his parents were well-off and relatively independent.

Expecting great things from young Edwin, his parents had his cerebral boosters installed at an early age. Preternaturally brilliant, Edwin had his choice of colleges, and decided to go with an independent university instead of his “Horizon-approved” and Horizon-funded choices.

Edwin was exposed to new ideas in college, and soon became wrapped up in the neo-anarchist movement. He even became involved with an eco-terrorist group. His runner alias actually comes from this period of his life; during a student protest he mouthed off to a Lone Star officer and took a blast of pepperpunch to the face. The nickname stuck.

Edwin had a falling out with his parents, dropped out of college, and moved to Seattle to contribute to a neo-anarchist cell. This is where he learned his bomb-making abilities. Pepperface became disillusioned with the movement when a bomb he was preparing blew up prematurely, maiming him. The last of his parent’s wealth was spent getting a convincing prosthetic cyberarm.

That incident was five years ago. Edwin has a deep mistrust of corporations and the Grid Overwatch Division, but he no longer has the passion and zeal he did when he was an active part of the neo-anarchist movement. He’s now a bitter old shadowrunner, only in it for himself and to maybe take a jab at the corps when the opportunity presents itself.[/spoiler]
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« Reply #23 on: <09-24-13/0009:21> »
Hi, im not familiar with the 5e rules but i would like to play with this concept:

Real Name: Aeohion Weretheil
Metatype: Elf
Sex: Male
Awakened: Adept

Concept: Half Face and Half Smugler, you need to get there fast? and pass the border be it by speed or charm he is your man.

Background: Tir Tairngire as any country has its slums... Its barrens, in a country of elves where beauty its held as one of the most important things things like those are denied, and actively hidden from public knowledge, in one of those hell holes was where a Aeohion was borne, surviving the go gangers Ancients, the ocassionall law enforcement or "cleansing units" and desiring to get as farther away as he could, to scape from the pit he had been borne... And then he awakened, he was about to get killed, excecution style by a go ganger, and he begged for his life, just like he did countless times before, and for imposible as it could seem his executor decided to take him under his wing, he spent years of abuse under the ancients gang, but he learned, how to drive and when he was good enought he scaped, barely!

His life hasn't improved on the emotional side since he left escaped the ancient, wich hasn't improved his trust, he trust not even his shadow, but has been making a living by being the kind of cool guy who is in the fashion trends, stylish but more importantly fast, he has saved money into the only two things he cares, his image and his vehicles, anything else is secondary, working as face for his services and getting any job with good pay and that requires moving something or somone from point a to point b fast and efficient.

I can do the character with the SR4 Edition but i don't own the 5e Manuals, aniway if you are interested i will be reading the forum waiting for your answer se you later chummers! Also the spaces of family and Ancient periods are open for you to fill in if you wish

Edit: Also my native language is not english, so if do not write it well i apologize.
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« Reply #24 on: <09-24-13/0232:22> »
Alright, so it seems we've got a motley gathering of strangers, so it's a good time to begin to kick it off. I will keep recruitment open for one last day as I get the IC and character stuff ready. So far, we have six characters (interestingly enough it's rather magically inclined). I will post the status of these characters down below. Finalized choices will be updated in the OP.

Nemo157: Dacre Jordan - Human Cat Burglar [PENDING]
JackVII : Knockout - Troll Boxer [PENDING]
Red_Cap: Cross - Human Combat Medic [PENDING]
Silence: Johnny - Elven Cowboy [PENDING]
Bewilderbeast: Pepperface - Human Anarchist [PENDING]
WrongConcept: FlashGiTz - Elven Smuggler [MISSING SHEET]

For IC things, I will also be fleshing out some of the vaguer/missing aspects of your character's backgrounds. Because you guys are strangers, I will be PM-ing the complete backgrounds to each of you individually.
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« Reply #25 on: <09-24-13/0818:46> »
Alright, thanks BestTeaMaker (P.S. I didn't know you could change your name on the Boards. Interesting!)

Looking forward to playing!

Da! Is Good!
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« Reply #26 on: <09-24-13/0951:20> »
Hey, totally new to Shadowrun and tabletops in general but I'm thinking PbP might be good way to get that first taste.  I realize that my guy overlaps quite a lot with Jack's Boxer but I wanted to throw him out there anyway, worst thing that happens is that he gets rejected.

Concept: Troll BasherAdept
Daisy is a barrens kid who got into Norse mythology when he was young and has built his personalized adept 'tradition' from it.  Granted, he didn't have great source material so his views differ a bit from what might be accepted facts in Scandinavia for example.  As a troll he got started in the splatterer (like a bouncer but as a troll) line of work fairly easily but a string of really fucked up accidents (that last fire was totally not his fault) meant he kept getting fired and he now has a stigma as an accident waiting to happen.  Fortunately he had made some contacts during his days working at a local runners hangout, one of which, a former runner turned fixer, got him started in the shadowrunning biz.

(Priorities - A: Race, B: Attributes, C: Magic, E: Skills, D: Resources)

Handle: Daisy
Name: Joseph (Joe) Miller
Race: Troll
Gender: Male

BOD   5+2          WIL    1+3
AGI    1+3          LOG    1+2
REA    1+2+(3)  INT     1+2
STR    5+5         CHA    1+1
EDG   4              ESN    6
MAG   6
INIT (C/A):   9 + 4D6 / 6+5D6
Limits (M/P/S/A)   5/11/5/5
Monitor (P/S)   12/10

Active (18/18) (+2 Active Skill from Magic C) (+7 from Karma)
Combat: Unarmed Combat(Shock gloves) (1(3)), Throwing Weapons(Blades) (4(6)), Blades(Axes) (5(7))
Physical: Gymnastics (1[k]), Perception(Visual) (3(5) [2 from mentor spirit]), Running (1[k]), Pilot Ground (1[k]), Sneaking (2[Magic])
Social: Etiquette (1[k]), Intimidation (1[k])
Mental: Arcana (1[k]), Assensing (1), Astral Combat (1[k]), Artisan(engraving) (1(3))

Knowledge (12/12) (+1 from Karma)
Academic: Magical Theory (Adepts) (2)
Interest: Norse Mythology, Martial Arts, Eco-Activists (3)
Street: Seattle:Redmond (bars&clubs), Seattle Gangs (turfs) (6)
Language: English (N), Or'zet (1), Icelandic (1[k])

QUALITIES (25 – 24 + 24 = 25)
Positive: Mentor Spirit [Heimdallur(eagle)], Toughness, Quick Healer, Natural Athlete
Negative: Bad Rep, Bad Luck, Prejudiced (biased, corp wageslaves), Allergy (mild, pollutants) [from mentor spirit]

CONTACTS & REP (Three Free @ 6 combined C/L)
Rhino, Ork Fixer (3/3): Actually the guy that gave Daisy his nickname when he started, as an 18 y/o, working a bar Rhino frequented.  Daisy didn't make an issue of it because Rhino seemed scary.  Like, a lot scary.  Turns out he was a decent enough sort, one of the few who didn't turn their backs on Daisy when he started getting his crappy rep as a walking disaster.

Quinten Ross, Dwarf Talismonger/Artificer (4/1): An independent Touristville talismonger that Daisy got his Qi focus from.  Daisy has spent quite some time discussing the nature of magic with Quinten and has shared his desire to craft a weapon focus from his battle axe which he wants Quinten to enchant for him if possible.

Reggie Evans, Human owner of a Martial Arts Dojo (2/4): Daisy started working out at Reggie's dojo when he first figured out that he had more abilities than the normal barrens thug.  Reggie taught Daisy both armed and unarmed fighting and they struck up quite a friendship in the process.

Current Karma (3), Total Karma (0), Street Cred (0), Notoriety (4), Public Awareness (0)

GEAR (Remaining Nuyen: 1,085) (8 Bonus Karma Spent, 8 Focus Bond)
Armored Jacket w/CP (3), FR (3), NC (3) & TD(3): 4,750
Actioneer: 1,500
Back tattoo Qi Focus (4) [Improved reflexes]: 12,000
Renraku Sensei (3) w/Subvocal Mic: 1,050
Standard Credstick x3: 15
Gold Credstick x2: 200
Contacts (3) w/IL, FC, VE1: 1,375
Goggles (6) w/ IL. FC, VM, VE3: 2,325
Earbuds (2) w/ AE2: 1,000
StimPatch (6) x2: 300
TraumaPatch x2: 1000
Respirator (6): 300
Trowing knifes x6: 150
Combat axe [Single bladed with a spike for balance]: 4,000
Shock gloves: 550

1 Month Low Lifestyle, Cramped, Dangerous Area: 2,800
Fake SIN (4) [Clint Callahan, Bodyguard]: 10,000
Fake Licenses (4) [Weapons, Awakened, Qi Focus]: 2,400
Fake SIN (1) [Dennis Wise, Bodyguard]: 2,500
Fake Licenses (1) [Weapons, Awakened, Qi Focus]: 600

Adept Powers
Attribute Boost [Agi] (1), Combat Sense (3+1[mentor]), Enhanced Accuracy [blades], Improved Reflexes (2+1[foci]), Wall Running, Astral Perception.

Description: First thing you'll notice about Daisy is that he is TINY, for a troll that is.  standing only 2.34m (~7'5") and fairly slender he does not cut an imposing figure, for a troll that is.  Daisy is dark skinned with modest, back-lying horns.  He has quite a lot of tattoos on his arms and torso.

Personality: Daisy is a fairly awkward guy.  He is a bit nervous about his slight frame and has some social confidence issues as a result.  He is shy and reserved to strangers but really opens up once he gets to know you.  Due to his size he never got into that troll intimidation brute mindset, he is really a happy little live and let live type in his day to day interactions.
Daisy has a real thirst for knowledge but coming from the slums limited him as he was growing up.  His main interests are Norse myths, martial arts and magical theory.  Due to his mentor spirit he is also quite into eco-activism without being a radical or anything.

Background: "You're fresh as a frakking daisy, you are!" - Rhino upon first meeting Joe Miller.
As a young kid Daisy got his hands on an old pre-trid video about the norse god of thunder and he was hooked.  He especially connected to the character of Heimdallur.  Unfortunately he didn't have much luck finding more material about these flawed gods but in a WTF moment one of the things he did find were a couple of the Goðheimar comics (these but in icelandic).  But he kept at it and slowly found some more information.  Then when his adept powers started emerging he found it quite natural to try and relate that to these myths, this in turn led him to his mentor spirit Heimdallur.  Later on Daisy found that quite a lot of his assumptions were apparently 'wrong' but he decided not to bother himself with that as he was quite comfortable with his own makeshift adept tradition.
Shortly after awakening Daisy started to frequent the local talismonger shops trying to find someone willing to help him figure this thing out, most just kicked him out with threats of violence.  One dwarf though seemed more amused than annoyed by this awkward troll and his funny ideas and although he didn't become a mentor or anything such he tolerated the troll and was willing to teach him some stuff about how magic actually worked.  It was in Quinten's shop that Daisy got his first peek into the astral realm, doing so in a talismonger shop was frankly a bit overwhelming.  After Quinten had explained to Daisy how he might expand his physical talents with his adept powers Daisy figured that he should funnel that into something like martial arts.  He wasn't going to become any kind of gymnast anytime soon no matter how small a troll he was and his awkwardness prevented him even considering if his skills would lean towards 'face' talents.  That was how Daisy met Reggie who taught him most of what he knows about handling himself in a fight and is one of the few people Daisy would consider a close friend.
Even though a few gangs tried recruiting Daisy he didn't fancy becoming a meat shield for those dreks, lucky for him they didn't make an issue of it.  But he needed a way to bring in some nuyen and at 16 (and lying about his age) he started working as a bouncer and did so for the next few years at several different bars and clubs in the Redmond area.  But a fire, an explosion and a few broken walls later he had accumulated a rep as walking disaster and few bars would even consider hiring him.  Daisy decided to reach out to Rhino and ask him if he had any contacts that could get him a job of some sort.  Well, Rhino did one better, offering Daisy a chance to run the shadows.  After having the high risk/high reward nature of shadowrunning better explained to him Daisy decided that Running would be a very 'viking' thing to do and took Rhino up on his offer.  For the last year Daisy has been doing various runs, mostly acting as the front line muscle when such is called upon, and doing quite well.  His bad luck hasn't caught up with him, yet.
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Hi everyone. I'll give a shot at a spot in the team with a bioware enhanced human gunman. He's an old character I tried to update to 5th Edition.

Concept: Four months since waking up in this street clinic, The Frenchman still doesn't remember much of his past. But he has found a life he's striving in. One of risk, vices, and high stake adventures. How he got those expensive enhancements he doesn't know but his aptitudes with a gun are exceptional and he has managed to put it to good use, landing a few runs that paid him enough to enhance his lifestyle to a more natural state. The Frenchman turned out to be a socialite who like women, drinks, and the occasional recreational drug and chip. And he has abused of all since his rebirth. But he knows why. Though many like to forget, all he wants is to remember; but he is afraid, afraid of who he was. He knows he has the skills of a cold-blooded killer. Maybe the ones who left him dead had a good reason.

[spoiler="Story & Background (a bit long, sorry)"]

Runner Name: The Frenchman
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Metatype: Human

He suddenly stood up on his bed, pulling with him the tubes that connected his nose and left arm to various cannisters and machineries. His artificial grayish green eyes opened up wide and he let go a scream, a mix of fear, pain, and surprise. Though of usually light complexion, he was paler than normal, his mid-length dark brown hair wet with sweat from a fever and terrifying nightmares. His toned and defined shirtless body was only covered with bandages running across his chest.
- "NON!" he screamed
- "Easy Pal, easy. Welcome to the world of the living." Said another man, in a deep comforting voice.
He felt a pair of strong hands on his shoulders, carefully pushing him back onto the bed; the humid cover perfectly cushioning his frame, sign he had been there for a while already.
His cybereyes could have focused instantly but he didn't thing about turning on any system and he could only distinguish the features of the deep voiced man. A dark form appeared before him, and something set upon his noise and mouth, perfectly fitting.
- "Here, you need some more rest, you'll soon be back to shape." Said the other man.
A few breaths in and consciousness escaped him. Everything went black, again.


He slowly opened his eyes and they auto-focused. The ceiling's light was dimmed down, and he could hear a regular beeping on top of the soft buzz of machineries. He heard a door opening and turned his head toward the extra light that appeared in his field of vision and saw an imposing shadow but unable to distinguish the man's features.
- "Well, well, well. Our Frenchman is awake."
- "Ou suis-je? He said in a rather weak voice."
- "Oh Boy! Recognizing French doesn't mean I can speak it Frenchman. Do you speak any English?"
- "Je crois... I mean, I guess, I understood you.... where am I?"
- "Welcome to Dr. Henry's private clinical facilities, Frenchman. The man said joyfully as he approached close to the bed. I'm Dr. Henry"
This time he could finally see that Dr. Henry. A bulky black man with a more prominent belly. He wasn't really dressed like what he would expect from a doctor but after all the place didn't look much like a regular hospital room either.
- "What happened? ... what am I doing here? and why you keep calling me Frenchman?"
- "Whao, that's a lot, let's start with the easy part. Frenchman is because I don't know your name, and you kept mumbling in what I recognize as being French during your time asleep, which has been quite a while now... so what's your name?"
- "I am.... I ... I don't know... " He seemed concerned and looked at the doctor with a very worried look.
- "The trauma may have cause a temporary amnesia, it should come back with time."
- "Trauma?"
- "Nasty wound, you barely made it alive, you know." Dr. Henry said pointing at the bandages on the Frenchman's chest.
"The bullet was about two millimeters away from your heart, and you lost a lot of blood. Without that treated skin you've got you'd be dead for sure! A friend of mine found you on a backstreet a few blocks from here."
- "Here. Where is here? Where am I?"
- "No memories at all? "
- "It's all black... the only picture in my head is this room. And..."
- "And?"
- "I'm not sure... surgery room... lighter than here... it's more like feelings... struggle, fear..."
- "Well from what my scan showed me you were under the knife more than once, light cyber, most notably your jack and a datalock I noticed, and some fancy pair of eyes, maybe some bioware enhancements too other than that Orthoskin. Your subconscious may just be remembering those evens...You've been out for two weeks now. You need to take it slowly, stress won't help you here. As for your question, here is my own little private clinic. So don't worry, don't know what got you here, but cops ain't coming to ask unwanted question. Here is Seattle."
The Doctor was telling the truth, he could smell it. Olfactory Booster certainly. The same two questions kept pounding in his head. Who was he? What had happened?


The Frenchman looked at his reflection in the mirror. His beard had grown thick for his time spent in Dr. Henry's clinic. His skin had regain some color. The wound on his chest had almost closed up now; pretty quickly according to the Doc. He ran a finger over it; just as his life could have ended, he felt like being born again. It had been almost a month now since he got shot and still no memory of his life before that. It was scary. He took a deep breath, still looking at himself, his arms holding and supporting him on each side of the sink. He stood there, silently, his mind trying to make sense of the blackness inside.
Yet he was healed now, at least physically, and the doctor had given the green light to get out. He owed Dr. Henry a lot. Not only for keeping him alive, but for the time he had spent in his clinic. And he had nothing to pay him back... his only possession a key card, that looked like a locker keypass. No clue to where the locker was either...
That could however be the only clue he may get from his life before getting shot, he had to find it. The report the doc gave him of the cyber and bioware modifications his body had sustained was scarying him. Some would allow him to be a good courier, like the datajack and lock, enhanced muscles, or synaptic boosters. But the extand of some modifications and wares just didn't make sense, for this job at least... thinking of it, some would be great additions for job like... assassination?
He watched his reflection, he wasn't sure he liked what he saw or what he could see rather.
- "I brought you some street clothes." Dr. Henry said as he interrupted the silence, entering the small room.
The Frenchman wasn't surprised though, he knew the doc was coming. He had smelled him...

- "Thanks. For everything, I owe you a lot. I wish I could pay you back."
- "Don't worry about the money. I'm sure with all the skills you have I'll find some useful favor to ask you one day. Plus just refer me to your kind when they'll need some care or surgeries."
- "My kind? what do you mean?"
- "You got no SIN, Frenchman. Yet you're superfit with enhancements that'd make some sammies envious. There's no doubt, you belong to the shadows. And if you didn't before, well maybe it's time for you to consider."
The Frenchman stayed silent, still deep in his though, then spoke up.
- "Well, how about I keep that in mind, for now I need to know more about myself, I'll look for that locker, it may contain information about me."
- "Sure thing Friend, just keep in touch..."


There it was. Locker 2632, King Street Station. His still bearded face partly hidden under the hood of the sweater he was wearing, the Frenchman could feel his heart beat accelerate. It only took him a couple days to find the location of the locker and he found out that he had his way with people. Even wearing old street clothes. Somehow he felt he'd rather be wearing a suit or something much more fancy than the very casual attire he was now wearing. Was that because that's what he used to always wear? or because he never could wear it and spend his life envious of those who were? Memories would disappear, habits wouldn't, good and bad.
There he was in front of the locker. With both hands inside the pockets of his hoodie, he was fondling with the keycard inside his left pocket. People were walking around him, living their own lives. Commuting, traveling, escaping, nobody was really paying him any attention. He swiped the key through the old lock and the small door opened. The space was only filled with a shoebox. Should he open it now? what if the content was just too overwhelming? or what if no one should see what's inside? The Frenchman grabbed the box and left the station.
Less than five minutes later passed a back alley, he stopped, a gun pointed at his face. And somehow, he wasn't afraid, not even worried. He had smelled the two others circling him from behind already. Punks. That's all they were. And he wasn't worried because he knew exactly what to do.
- "Give me your 'link, and that box!" Shouted the punk with the gun. A young ork, his leather jacket carrying the emblem of a gang he didn't know or remembered.
Muscle memory took over consciousness. His right foot pumped a strong kick in the kid's knee as his left hand, still carrying the shoebox slammed the light pistol to take it out of alignment with his face. Without waiting for the ork to fall or react he bashed at his target, sending a strong punch in the ribs followed immediately by a side hook on the ork's left temple. His assailant was out before he could even realize he'd been attacked. Yet the Frenchman, didn't stop. He used the momentum of his side punch to rotate toward the two behind him. They were humans of native american decent, also wearing a leather jacket but apparently just armed with clubs. They raised their weapon and launched at the French...

Removing the dust off the shoebox, the Frenchman gave a last look at the punks that tried to mug him. Two were out while the other was rolling on the ground with barely enough strength and breath left to cry out his pain. It was more a like mumble. It had been an easy fight, it shouldn't have been. His fighting skills were way above average, not only he just proved it, but somehow he also knew it, even before the fight had started. Memories and knowledge, quite different.
He hushed his way back to the coffin he had been renting for the week.

He needed to take a deep breath before opening the box. Not sure what he would find in it, maybe answers, maybe disappointment. He popped the lid open. A pistol in it's holster, some ammos, a credstick and commlink. And most interestingly, an ID. Which he picked up first. It looked pretty real, his picture displayed along some data lines and electronics chips for more information. But more importantly a name: Remy LeBeau.
He stared at it for some time, whether real or not he had a name. He glanced at the other items. He grabbed the gun. And muscle memory and coordination kicked in, along the with the smartlink. He rolled the gun, charged it, pointed it, rolled it back like he had done that all his life. He knew it was just a combination of his enhanced agility, both fine and gross motor skills, but together it was deadly. Who was he? What was he?
He emptied the box on the bed and looked inside hoping for more clues, but none were found. He thought about what Dr. Henry had said. He was but a shadow of himself... a Shadow, maybe that's were he belonged, in that shadowy world of intrigues, action and betrayals. He'll be the Frenchman, Shadowrunner.

Four months since waking up in this street clinic, The Frenchman still doesn't remember much of his past. But he has found a life he's striving in. One of risk, vices, and high stake adventures. How he got those expensive enhancements he doesn't know but his aptitudes with a gun are exceptional and he has managed to put it to good use, landing a few runs that paid him enough to enhance his lifestyle to a more natural state. The Frenchman turned out to be a socialite who like women, drinks, and the occasional recreational drug and chip. And he has abused of all since his rebirth. But he knows why. Many like to forget, all he want is to remember; but he is afraid, afraid of who he was. He knows he has the skills of a cold-blooded killer. Maybe the ones who left him dead had a good reason. [/spoiler]
[spoiler="Character sheet"]


A: Resources (450,000Y)
B: Attributes (20)
C: Skills (28/2)
D: Metatype (Human,3)
E: Magic (N/A)


Bod: 3(6)     [+2]
Agi: 6(8 )    [+5]
Rea: 5(7)     [+4]
Str: 3(5)     [+2]
Wil: 2        [+0] [+1 Karma]
Log: 2        [+0] [+1 Karma]
Int: 4        [+3]
Cha: 5        [+4]
Edge:5        [Human +3]

Essence: 0.85
Initiative: 11+3d6

-Mental: 4
-Physical: 8
-Social: 5

Condition Monitors:
-Physical: 11
-Stun: 9
-Overflow: 6


-Aptitude (pistol) (14)

-Addiction (alcohol, moderate) (9)
-Addiction (Gambling, mild) (4)
-Weak Immune System (10)


-Athletics 2
-Pistol (Semi-automatics) 7(9)
-Unarmed (savate) 4(6)
-Sneak 4
-Etiquette 4
-Con (seduction) 3(5)
-Perception 3
-Longarms 1
-Computer 1

Street Knowledge:
Criminal Organization 3
Vices 2

Interest Knowledge:
Firearms (pistols) 2(4)

-French N
-English 4


-Colt America L36 (320)
-- Internal Smartgun System (320)
-- Silencer (500)
-- 4 Spare Clip (20)
-- APDS x50 (600)
-- Regular Ammo x60 (120)

-Ruger Super Warhawk (400)
-- Internal Smartgun System (400)
-- APDS Round x50 (600)
-- Explosive Rounds x50 (400)

-Knife (10)

Total: ¥3,710

-Chameleon Suit (1700)
--- Chemical Protection R3 (750)
--- Fire Resistent R3 (750)
--- Isulation R3 (750)
-Auctioneer Business Clothes (1500)
--- Non-Conductive (750)
-Lined Coat (900)
--- Chemical Protection R3 (750)
--- Fire Resistent R3 (750)
--- Isulation R3 (750)

Total: ¥9,350

Commlink: Hermes Ikon R5 (3000)
-Micro-tranceivers x2 (200)
Total: ¥3,200

-Fake SIN 4: Remy LeBeau(10000)
--Licenses (2400)
---- Concealed Carry License 4
---- Smartgun License 4
---- Private Investigator 4

Total: ¥12,400

Misc Gear:
-Medkit 3 (750)
-Respirator R6 (300)
-Gecko Tape gloves (250)
-Zen (dose)x12 (60)

Total: ¥1,360

Cyberware [total: ¥49,000 essence:1]
- Datajack (1000, 0.1)
- Datalock R6 (6000, 0.1)
- Sound link (1000, 0.1)
- Olfactory Booster R4 (16000, 0.2)
- Cybereyes R4 (25000, 0.5, [10/16])
---- Flare Compensator [1]
---- Image Link [-]
---- Low-light Vision [2]
---- Smartlink [3]
---- Thermographic Vision [2]
---- Vision Magnification [2]
---- Camera [-]

Bioware [total: ¥386,000 essence:4.15]
- Damage Compensator R4 (8000, 0.4)
- Sleep Regulator (12000, 0.1)
- Synaptic Booster R2 (190000, 1)
- Bone Density augmentation R3 (15000, 0.9)
- Muscle Augmentation R2 (62000, 0.4)
- Muscle Toner R2 (64000, 0.4)
- Orthoskin R3 (18000, 0.75)
- Platelet factories (17000, 0.2)

Total: ¥435,000

-Middle, 1 months (5000)

Total: ¥5,000


Armorer: Eduardo Estevez
Connections: 5
Loyalty: 1
Estevez is a Dwarf Armorer who has frequented Dr.Henry's clinic on the occasion. He was impressed with the Frenchman skills with a pistol and with his connection to the shadows was the one who got the amnesic human his first run. The two are slowly establishing a decent business relationship.

Street Doc: Dr. Henry
Connections: 3
Loyalty: 3
The Frenchman owes the good doctor quite a lot as he (apparently) saved his life and helped him get a back to shape. Dr. Henry has a foot in the Shadows and likes to remind the Frenchman of the proper runner's etiquette.

Stripper: Lara
Connections: 2
Loyalty: 4
Hot Human Stripper at a club the Frenchman frequents. He loves women and sex and has no qualm paying for it. He has paid, tipped and took good care of Lara who came to trust him, and the two exchange gossip and information, on top of some good time.

Starting 25
Positive Qualities -14
Negative Qualities +23
Karma to Nuyen -10 (+¥20,000)
Logic 1->2 -10
Willpower 1->2 -10
Longarms 1 2
Computer 1 2

Total Left 0

Total Nuyen Spent: ¥470,000
Starting Money: (4d6x100)

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Alright! I am going to close recruitment right now as I have a good 8 people. You can still submit a sheet, but you will be placed on standby.

Nemo157: Dacre Jordan - Human Cat Burglar [APPROVED]
JackVII : Knockout - Troll Boxer [APPROVED]
Red_Cap: Cross - Human Combat Medic [APPROVED]
Silence: Johnny - Elven Cowboy [APPROVED]
Bewilderbeast: Pepperface - Human Anarchist [PENDING]
WrongConcept: FlashGiTz - Elven Smuggler [PENDING]
reyjinn: Daisy - Troll Splatterer [PENDING]
obidancer: The Frenchman - Human Socialite [PENDING]

I will be sending the character background information throughout the day, and at the end of it I will update the OP and create the IC where you can begin. Those with approved lists can begin to roll their starting nuyen using the Invisible Castle roller. Please make sure to mark the campaign under The Shadow Sessions.
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Starting Nuyen: Starting Nuyen (2d6=7) = 720 + 280 = 1000 Starting Nuyen

Oops, I'm a moron. Here is my additional 1d6 roll since I should have been rolling on the Low table: Additional Starting Nuyen (I'm stupid, LOL) (1d6=1)

So, all total: 8*60= 480+720 (CharGen remnants) = 1,200 Nuyen
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