CharGen with Automated Character Sheet

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thanks I'll load your 1.2


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Just wanted to thank you for your excellent work, and sharing this with the rest of us! 8)

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Necro is bad. Please stop.  :(
Yeah, TMs got thrown in the cell with Bubba the Love Troll and sandpaper for lube.
there is autosofts for everything  8)


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« Reply #63 on: (22:17:46/01-13-18) »
Hello Guys... sorry for vanishing. Life required my attention away from the pc... or the RPG for that matter.

But I come bearing gifts... Version 2.0 of the chargen is up... haven't tested it yet. but after much, much... much tinkering it's time to let it fly. Now that it is released in the matrix it's yours for the taking. Like always I hope you enjoy it and feel confortable to point out dificulties int the chargen, give sugestions and so forth.

I also place a new link for the Initiative Tracker with Condition monitor tracker and a link for a beta version of a new tool I'm working on, with tables from the books (only the corebook for now) with hyperlink to each table in a dropdown menu to choose the table (and use a single button below the table chosen in the dropdown menu) to take you to the desired table.