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Well, I don't know if this is the right place, but we're testing some house-rules, and, while we just tried it for a single session, it seemed good enough, so I'm putting it here for you guys to review and point the obvious inconsistences, errors or game-breaking consequences that I'm just don't saw.
We're long time shadowrun players, and, while we had our share of problems and grudges with the system (we're migrated to Gurps for some time, in a very free-form conversion), the game just don't feel like shadowrun without the proprietary system, so back we went, but one thing jumped to our perception as we began to try 5th edition - there is almost no reason to not grab the heaviest, largest gun and armor that you can lay your hands on, and, while it can be seen as "realistically", it makes everyone just use pistols and rifles, ignoring submachine-guns, machine pistols, machine guns and shotguns, so we though about giving a reason to use those "forgotten" guns.
The first thing that we've done was consolidate the Range Table, instead of having one range value for each category of guns, we have only one, which is used for all of them:
Range    Close (0-10m) Short (11-50) Medium (51-150) Long (151-350) Extreme (350+)
Penalty         0                   -1                        -3                   -6                    -10
As you can see, we also added another range band...
Now, each weapon has a Optimal Range, in which the threshold is 0, for each range band higher (or lower!) than the optimal that you are shooting, your threshold rises by 1, so, if you're firing with a heavy pistol (Optimal Range Close) fires at a target 90m distant (medium range), the attacks is made with a -3 penalty to the dice pool AND the threshold is 2, meaning that the first two successes are "wasted". In the same vein, shooting at someone at short (15m) range with an assault rifle (Optimal Range of Medium) is going to rise the threshold to 1.

We expect it to give submachine-guns a reason to be used (as a good all-around short range weapon). What do you think?

Thanks, and sorry if it is in the wrong topic.


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« Reply #406 on: (21:32:17/05-01-18) »
Interesting!  I hope you'll post an update on how you are liking it after a couple more runs, and if you have tweaked it at all.
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« Reply #407 on: (18:32:39/07-26-18) »
Noise House Rule

Iíve bitched about it a few times here, so here is my personal ďfix.Ē  Unfortunately, there are a couple of systems that interact with Noise that could use some tweaking as well, so this will get a bit involved.

1)  If a Device canít get Wireless bonuses for any reason, they canít be a part of a PAN.
   This seems kind of common sense-y to me, but I do not think it is called out in RAW.  So here it is.

2)  Device Rating.
   I would love to go through every device to come up with a different / more appropriate DRÖ  However, the easiest way to deal with it is to deal with the two largest infringers on the overall DR system.
   Credsticks.  These are too high at a DR of 5, although they are always Wireless Off so it is okay to leave them as is.  Changing them wonít do anything appreciable.
   Commlinks.  These break the DR ceiling, and not in a good way.  The simplest thing to do is to divide the comms DR in half, rounding up when needed.  Now hold on, donít start typing away just yet.  Hear me out.
      You might be tempted to give the higher cost comms in a particular DR tier some compensation, I recommend an additional point in Firewall, Data Processing, or even both in the top of the line for that DR tier.

3)  A devices DR counts as inherent Noise Reduction for that device.
   I told you to hear me out, and this is where you understand why comm DRs had to be reduced.  With this system, a Fairlight Caliban or Fuchi Cyber-X7 lose functionality in a Noise area of 9 instead of 8.

4)  Noise is calculated for the devices at each point (keeping negative numbers), then added together. You then add any modifier for distance, ignoring any result that is negative, to determine the exact effect of Noise.

5)  It is possible to buy items at a higher device rating.
        Does not apply to items that already have Rating scale.  Each addition DR point doubles the cost and Availability of the item.  This also applies to any add-on or mod that has any Wireless functionality of it's own.
        So, it is possible to have a gun with a DR higher than two now.  It will just be a special item that is difficult to find and costs quite a bit - especially if you have Smartgun on it.

OPTIONAL:  If you want a bit more realism, calculate Noise on a per-hop basis.
   If a character is connected to their comm through their Datajack, they canít get the benefits of Antennae earware since they donít come into play.  Fresnel Fabric as a jacket or cloak doesnít do any good going from the RCC to the drone because the RCC is sitting on the bench next to the Rigger.  Etc..