[SR5] Hacker with some combat abilities

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Name: Edward Hale
Alias: Stake
Race: dwarf
Sex: male
Nationality: previously UCAS
Ancestry: Caucasian
Lifestyle: low, 1 month
Money: 1150• + 3d6*60• = 1810•
Career Karma: 14
Karma Spent: 14 + 25 starting
Physical Description: Stake is a Caucasian dwarf, 120 cm tall, weighing 45 kilograms. He is relatively thing for a dwarf, except at the waist, but he tries to conceal this fact by usually wearing baggy cargo pants and a jacket with thick padding at the shoulders. Despite being only 25, heís already balding at the temples and the top of his head. He has an unsteady gait and likes to be careful with every physical action.
Personality/background Stake was born Edward Hale, into a family of corporate engineers, working for a smaller corporation delivering parts for bigger projects. His father was a chemical engineer, his mother is a programmer. Edward inherited the intuitive mindset of his father but his mother made him used to orderliness early on. He learned both his parentís professions but liked his motherís better, as he saw code becoming programs as the hand of God, as a smaller Creation. His talents allowed him to train as a security spider, paid by the corporation, and he started to work for them at 21.
He was 23 when his father died in what the corporation classified as an accident. As they didnít provide details of the case to his mother and him, he used his talents to find out more. He was shocked to find that the accident actually was a botched attempt of corporate espionage, where the corporation decided to destroy whatever the opposition looked for instead of letting them get away with it. Unfortunately, it was one of his fatherís late night shifts, and he got in the crossfire.
Edward knew that confronting the managers would get him nothing but the same fate as his father so he decided to get away. He couldnít convince his mother, however, who is a corporate wageslave through and through, so he left alone, looking for work on in the shadows. In the last two years, he slowly built his reputation. He also realized that he couldnít simply survive by only his primary trade, so he started to get implants that helped his meat-space abilities.


A -resources450.000 nujen
B -skills36 skill points, 5 group points
C -racedwarf, 1 special ability point
D -abilities14
E -magic/resonance-


ComposureJudge IntentionsLiftMemory
Phisical l.Mental l.Social .Astral l.
Physical boxStun boxOverflowReputation

Positive Qualities
Analytical mind5- he's methodical and good at it
Photographic memory10- this helped him when preparing for tests
Negative Qualities
Addiction to coding, moderate9- spends a lot of time on writing code, which he then puts up for open access
Insomnia, level 110- he sees code even when he closes his eyes
Prejudice, biased against awakened5- those mojo-slingers can curcumvent Technology, so they can't be fully trusted

Active Skills
Electronics Skill Group5
Pistols (semi-automatics)2(+2)
Etiquette (corporate)1(+2)
Perception (searching)3(+2)
Electronic warfare (encryption)6(+2)
Knowledge Skills (22 free points)
Security design (matrix)3(+2)
Security procedures2
Bars and clubs (virtual)2(+2)
Law (matrix)2(+2)
Engineering (civil)2(+2)
Seattle Street Gangs1
History (Big 10)1(+2)
Language Skills

Cyber/Bioware (198.675•)
Cerebral booster R20,463.000•- +2 Logic
Mnemonic enhancer R20,218.000•- +2 to Knowledge, Language, Memory tests, +2 Mental limit
Sleep regulator0,112.000•- needs 3 hours of sleep
Platelet factories (used)0,2512.750•- take 1 less box of physical damage (min. 1)
Datajack (alpha)0,081200•
Datajack (alpha)0,081200•
Image link modification (alpha)0,081200•
Flare compensation modification (alpha)0,081200•
Cyberears replacement R10,212.750•- w/ damper, spatial recognizer, select sound filter R1
Obvious left arm (used)1,2546.125•- +3 AGI (custom), +3 AGI (enhancement), +3 Armor, cyberarm slide
Wired reflexes R1 (used)2,529.250•- +1 REA, +1d6 initiative

Gear (251.975•)
Yamaha Pulsar460•- w/ smartlink, 20 taser darts
Ares Light Fire 701875•- w/ smartlink, special silencer, gel ammo (3 clips), APDS ammo (3 clips)

Armor vest2750•- w/ nonconductivity R6, fire resistance R3

Commercial explosives500•- 2 kg liquid, 3 kg solid
Detonator caps375•- 5 pcs

Erika Elite2850•- w/ hot sim
Renraku Tsurugi219.435•- w/ all common and hacking programs
AR gloves150•
Subvocal microphone70•
Bug scanner R1100•
Data taps600•- 2 pcs
Tag erasers900•- 2 pcs
Electronics toolkit500•

Contact lenses R32650•- w/ smartlink, vision magnification
Glasses R31800•- w/ vision enhancement R3
Earbuds R31650•- w/ audio enhancement R3

Fake SIN R412.400•- w/ R4 permits for firearms, explosives, electronics
Credsticks200•- 20 standard, 5 silver

Gas mask200•
Respirator R6300•
Survival kit100•

Jordan Blake, electronics parts dealer4/2
Doc Needless, street doc1/3

SessionKarma received
Urban Brawl 914
AdvancementKarma spent
Hacking 6 -> 714
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« Reply #1 on: <08-14-13/1654:53> »
As a GM I'm not sure I'd allow addiction to coding as a flaw. I like it as a character trait but I'm not sure I see enough downside, and I'm not sure how it would work with the addiction rules.

I'm not sure what environment this is planned for, but I'm not entirely sure that the reading of the Cyberarm rules that says Agility 1 (9) is legal is the correct one. It wouldn't be allowed at my table, but I don't think there's been an official ruling. (In short nowhere does the Cyberarm rule actually say that it is exempt from the Augmented Maximum).

You don't have a Computer skill which makes the coding parts of your background dificult.


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« Reply #2 on: <08-14-13/1706:06> »
Addiction can be a habit-related activity (2 hours every 2 weeks at that level). I thought of it like a time when he creates codes, algorithms and such, for public use, without any profit from that.

As i read it, cyberlimbs have a different set of abilities from your own, that's why i built it as such. Of course, if the GM says otherwise, i'll modify it, although it will need some serious rebuilding at that.

Computer skill is part of electronics skillgroup, so i have it at 5.
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I asked in the FAQ thread, will try to remember to let you know if he answers

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Computer skill is part of electronics skillgroup, so i have it at 5.
It'd probably behoove you to jot down the skills that group is comprised of. Just so there's no question what you can and can't do when you're at the table.

On that note, where in the hell did a company man in training get Demolition 6? Nothing against it of course, just seems weird that his background doesn't seem to make ANY mention of it at all.
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« Reply #5 on: <08-14-13/1818:59> »
Computer skill is part of electronics skillgroup, so i have it at 5.

For some reason I was reading that as a heading. Sorry.