SR3 - Adept Centering

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« on: <06-20-13/1105:28> »
For my combat-phase i decide to use centering for my pistol skill.
Im using 2 heavy pistols, so i can shoot 4 times.

Will all shots benefit from centering or just the first one?
Would i have to roll my centering skill one time or for each of my 4 shots?

Sry for my low english-skill. I tried to keep my questions simple. And i hope there are still some SR3 players around.  :)


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« Reply #1 on: <06-20-13/1254:09> »
You have to Center (either For Success or Against Penalties per the rules on MITS, 73), which is a Free Action.

You can only perform one Free Action per phase unless you have Multi-Task, but I'd argue that to get the second benefit requires a second type of Centering (Dance + Singing, for example).

But anyway, it only applies to the first two shots because each use of Adept Centering applies to one Success Test.