SR5 QS Rules - Free RPG Day

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« on: <06-15-13/1728:38> »
Well, was able to pick up a copy today at my FLGS ;D

I'll be diving into them in more detail this evening and tomorrow, but wanted to post some initial comments/reactions. While not full color, the quality of the book is much better than that from last year...solid cover and heavy paper stock...quite nice. The book itself is 64 pages...34 dedicated to SR5 and 30 to Time of War (BT RPG). For the SR section, 19 pages are dedicated to rules with 7 pages for the scenario Food Fight and the last 8 for sample, characters (Combat Adept, Hacker, Street Samurai and Street Shaman) - only odd thing here is that the Street Shaman artwork is that of the Face from SR4A...odd choice IMHO.

Will post additional comments as I dig further into things.