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working on three ideas right now, one is for a story i'm writing so i wont post it but the other two are a search for a Beta Max machine and a take on "Ferris Bueler's Day Off"
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Here's two ideas I've got pending for my campaign. These are both fairly simple and straightforward, but also wide open for complications if you want to make it tougher.


Dennis Crowley works for a company called Legendary Systems, which produces several lines of business software, including a stock market analysis toolkit. They recently rewrote the entire toolkit by having an internal competition between two groups. Dennis’ group lost, but he feels that his team’s product is superior.

He wants to hire the runners to break into Legendary’s main office and steal the servers that hold the source code for the winning group’s software. Their main office is a three-story (plus basement) building just outside of Seattle’s downtown core. The servers are in the basement, which is accessible through the elevator or one of two sets of stairs. Most people at the company work the normal workday, with perhaps two dozen that work late regularly (until about 9pm). From about 9pm to 5am the only people present are two security guards. During the day from 5am – 6pm, a receptionist is on-duty just inside the main doors.

The building is secured with keycard locks on the main doors, plus there are two fire exits near the stairwells (at each end of the building) with alarms on them. The alarms on the fire exits are turned off from 6am to 6pm. Cameras outside the building cover most approaches, plus interior cameras in the elevator lobbies on all floors and the public section on the first floor. Two guards are on duty at all times operating in three shifts: 5am-1pm, 1pm-9pm, and 9pm-5am. One guard is always present in the security office unless there is an emergency, and one guard patrols the building every hour.

Dennis will contact the team through one of their contacts (probably a fixer, but may be someone in the hacker/decker community) and ask them to meet him at a Chinese restaurant a few blocks from the Legendary building. He’ll give them a summary of the job, and offer them 2,500¥ each. He also stipulates that no one is to be killed. The job must be completed within the next few days or else the data will be replicated from the local servers onto other servers to begin the deployment process. He doesn’t care what the runners do with the servers as long as all the data on them is wiped.


Ranjit Bathavaskatu is the owner of Star of India Industries, a construction and general contracting company. The company was founded by his father, and when he died a few years ago, Ranjit took over. Unfortunately, Ranjit did not have the same sense of honor or work ethic as his father, and the company has fallen on hard times. A couple of lawsuits due to shoddy practices and some poor investments have brought Star of India to the brink of bankruptcy.

Over the last few months, Ranjit has made the commitment (aided by his mother, who, though she never threatened to kill him, made him almost feel like he was dead) to turn things around and bring the company back from its near-death. He has fired some of his previous managers and foremen, and hired some new ones, with specific instructions to do business above-board and according to all local code. Unfortunately, some old habits die hard.

Ranjit has been angling for a juicy building contract for the city of Tacoma. The city government wants to remodel their main office building, and has submitted an RFP from several Tacoma companies (wanting to keep business local), including Star of India. Although only worth a few hundred thousand nuyen, Ranjit believes that if he can get this contract it will give him enough of a boost to his reputation and bank account to save the company. A few weeks of negotiation has narrowed the field down to two contractors: Star of India and Typhoon Construction. The final decision is to be made in two days at a meeting at city hall. Both companies are expected to be there with their final estimates, and the city council will make the call.

Ranjit believes that if Typhoon’s CEO doesn’t show up to the meeting, Star of India will win the bid. So he has decided to reach out to the shadows. He will contact the team (or the teams contact will contact them) that morning through whatever means are appropriate, and ask to meet them at Lakewood Shezan at 7pm that night, a restaurant in Lakewood Center. He tells them to ask for Mr. Gupta. When the team arrives and asks for Mr. Gupta, they will be taken to a semi-private dining area. It’s slightly elevated and surrounded by faux-jungle plants, so they can speak privately.

After the team has ordered, he gives them the rundown. He wants to hire them to kidnap and hold someone for twelve hours. They are not to harm the target at all. He must be kidnapped before 7am the morning after next, and must be held until 7pm. At that time, the PCs are free to release him however they would like, so long as he is unharmed, and then will collect their payment.

If the PCs are still interested, he will offer them 12,000¥, 6,000¥ in advance. The PCs can negotiate if they’d like (Ranjit is rolling 9 dice). For each net hit, he will increase the final payment by 2,000¥ up to a hard maximum of 20,000¥. He will not increase the up-front payment because that’s all the money he brought.

If the PCs accept, he gives them the details. Their target is Amos Golembiewski, CEO of Typhoon Construction. He lives in the Menlo Park neighborhood of Tacoma in a medium-sized house with his wife and two kids (Ranjit gives them the address). His company’s offices are a 20-minute drive away, in South Tacoma. Ranjit will also give them that address. If asked about his habits, he says he’s hiring the team to handle all of those details, because he doesn’t know and he’s too busy to follow him around. He does know that he’s usually in the office by 7am, which is why he wants him to be taken before he gets there. He doesn’t care where the PCs take him, or how they spend their day – he just needs him incommunicado for those 12 hours. Also, so that it’s not obvious that he’s been kidnapped, he needs to be taken quietly. If he’s seen being kidnapped, or if the police get involved, all bets are off. If all goes well, they will meet in the Lakewood Center mall in front of the Lordstrungs at 8pm where he will pay the balance of their fee. He will ask if they have any other questions, and when they’re done he will tell them to enjoy their meal as it is paid for, and he will see them in two days.

Ranjit doesn’t know any more than he has already told him, though the PCs would be wise to use the intervening day to do some research. If they decide to stake out Golembiewski, his schedule the following day is:
6:30am – He pulls out of the garage in his personal vehicle, a Eurocar Westwind 3K, and drives to work. Due to traffic, it typically takes him about 20-30 minutes to get there. He pays no attention to anyone following him, though the GM should make the PCs roll Shadowing anyway.
7:00am – After stopping at a drive-thru coffee shop, he arrives at the office, what was probably once a grocery store of some kind anchoring one end of a strip mall. It’s now a small office where Typhoon Construction operates. According to a sign on the window, they don’t actually open until 8am. Aside from the front doors (a double-set of glass), there are two emergency exits on the left side (the right abuts against the strip mall building), and in the back is a large roll-up door and emergency exit. None of the other doors can be opened from the outside.
8:00am – For the previous half-hour, employees will be trickling in, with a surge of them in the last 5 minutes or so. At 8, the “Open” sign goes on. Though much of their business is commercial, they do residential work also, so they maintain a small lobby and a receptionist. If the PCs want to go in and pose as potential customers, they can get a casual look around the main office (about 2 dozen cubes and a handful of offices). There is also a wall with a door in it that leads to the back. Though the PCs don’t know it that door simply leads to a warehouse area where they store materials for jobs. If they act like customers, the receptionist will ask them to wait and will call over a sales rep – Ken Winslow. He’ll invite the PC(s) to his office, offer them coffee, tea, or water, and then treat them like customers. If the PC(s) can’t successfully act like customers and he starts to feel like they’re shining him on, he will ask them to leave. If they ask to speak to the big boss, Winslow will tell them he’s unavailable, but he can help them with anything they need.
10:00am – Amos will leave the building, go to his car, and drive away. Once again, the PCs can follow him easily, and for the next three hours they will be led on a tour of several of Typhoon’s active jobs. Amos will go to a site, talk to the foreman, check out everything that’s going on, look through the paperwork, leave, and then repeat for another job.
1:00pm – Amos will go to the Tacoma Purple Haze, where he will meet some associates for lunch.
2:00pm – Amos leaves the restaurant and returns to the office.
5:00pm – Amos leaves the office and returns home. He will stay in his house the rest of the evening.

Once the PCs capture him, there shouldn’t be any major issues, as long as they don’t draw a lot of attention during the kidnapping. When he doesn’t show up at work, by 7:30am his office manager will call his wife to find out why he’s not there (he’s got an important meeting to go to at 10am!). The wife will tell him he left for work at the usual time, and will be a little concerned, but a lot of things could have delayed him, so she asks the manager to call her when he arrives. When she doesn’t hear anything by 9am, she calls back and finds out he still hasn’t arrived. She is now starting to worry, so she calls Lone Star. Lone Star tells her that he can’t be reported missing until 48 hours have passed. She goes back to worrying. Unless the PCs were either seen kidnapping him, or they leave his car somewhere where it will get noticed (a no-parking zone, an expired meter, etc), it should never be an issue.

If conscious when captured (or whenever he regains consciousness and realizes he’s been kidnapped), he will offer to pay his captors to let him go. He’ll continue to offer to pay them to let him in the morning, but once he realizes it’s too late to make the meeting, he’ll quiet down. He pays attention to the faces of the captors and anything they say so he can report it later. Hopefully the PCs take precautions. Once they release him, he’ll be a little bit bewildered, but by the next day will have figured out what happened, which will piss him off at Star of India, especially if he was roughed up at all. Unfortunately, there’s nothing he can do, and he won’t bother to report it to the authorities. He’ll make up a story to tell his wife and go about his business.

However, if he saw the faces or heard any useful personal information about the team that captured him, he will file that away in case he can use it in the future.