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Hey, I'm recently getting into Shadowrun and was interested in how this character is designed, but the link isnt working for me, could you send me a copy?

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I'm looking for some OP/Broken characters, I'm sure some people have some out there.

What do I mean by broken/OP? I mean characters so specialized in that one thing that they cannot possibly do better at it without stealing weapon foci from the gods.

In general, I'm looking for characters in the 400-450 BP range.

So, post your crazy one-dimensional dicegrinders, your physadepts who do 15DV, your hackers who can't bekept out of a node and so on. I'm looking for Ideas. current Missions Adept and namesake would probably qualify.  Not an out of the box character 

Initiate grade 7 with magic 7 and Adept Centering (she can do a blind shot with no penalty).  She also has perfect time so she can do her Centering, aim, and take a shot.

Powers (* denotes covered by the Athlete's Way quality)

Adrenaline Boost
Astral Perception
Combat Sense 5
Critical Strike: Blades
Elemental Weapon (electricity)
Enhanced Accuracy (Blades)
Enhanced Accuracy (Longarms)
Improved Ability 2 (Blades) *
Improved Ability 2 (Longarms) *
Improved Ability 2 (Pistols) *
Improved Physical Attribute (STR) *
Improved Potential (Mental) *
Improved Potential (Physical) *
Improved Reflexes 3
Wall Running  *

Metamagic Adept Centering

She has 0.98 Essence worth of bio/wire augmentations, all Beta grade or Genemods. Muscle Toner 2, Orthoskin 2, Smartlink, Narco And Tetrachromatic Vision which she Burned 1 point of Magic on at chargen).

Her positive qualities are:

Agile Defender
Ambidexterous (picked up during career 2 x cost)
Biocompatibility (picked up during career 2 x cost)
Natural Athlete
Perfect Time (picked up during career 2 x cost)
Perceptive 1
The Athlete's Way (picked up during career base cost)

With her force 5 Weapon Focus she has a DP of 23. When juiced up on Kamikaze, the pool increases to 25 and the base starting damage is 14DV at -3 AP with a 9 Accuracy. 

As to her guns, When juiced up, she has DP of of 22 with her Warhawks, her Ares Desert Strike, and a DP of 20 with her Auto Assault 16 (loaded with handload EXEX for a base damage of 16 DV at -2 AP with an Accuracy of 7).  This is not adding in the bonus for her internal Smartlink.

She so far is 359 career Karma.
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« Reply #17 on: <06-29-19/2230:30> »
Found it.  Keep in mind that this is an older thread, so it is SR4, not SR5.


BREAKDOWN (400 Points)
Core Attributes: 160
Special Attributes: 40
Race (Fomori): 45
Ghoul cost: 35
Active Skills: 66
Qualities: 0
Contacts: 4
Resources: 50

Body: 11 (+ 4 for Damage Resistance)
Agility: 5 (9)
Reaction: 7 (11)
Strength: 11 (13)
Charisma: 1
Intuition: 2
Logic: 1
Willpower: 7
Edge: 5

Essence: 0.03
Initiative: 13
Initiative Passes: 3
Physical Damage Track: 14
Stun Track: 12

Current Karma: 0
Total Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Noteriety: 3
Public Awareness: 1

Martial Arts (x 3)
 - Kenpo: 1 +1 DV
 - Muay Thai: 2: +2 DV
Restricted Gear (x 1)
 - Astral Hazing
 - Celerity
 - Critter Spook
 - Metagenetic Improvement: Agility
 - Nasty Vibe
Bad Reputation
Combat Monster
Gene Freak

=Active Skills=
Infiltration: 1
Intimidation/Physical: 2/+2
Perception: 2
Pistols/Semi-Automatic: 4/+2
Unarmed Combat/Muay Thai: 6(7)/+2

=Knowledge Skills=
English: N
Combat Tactics: 3
Local Area Knowledge: 3
Tamanous: 3

Cybereyes II with -
 > Flare Compensation
 > Smartlink
 > Thermographic Vision
 > Vision Magnification
Radar Sensor: 4
Reaction Enhancer: 2
Wired Reflexes: 2 (Alpha)

Bone Density Augmentation: 4
Muscle Augmentation: 2 (second-hand)
Muscle Toner: 4 (second-hand)
Reflex Recorder: Unarmed Combat

Fixer (Connection: 3/Loyalty: 1)

Custom (2,600 Nuyen/Month, 2 Months Prepaid).  Comforts: Low, Entertainment: Low, Necessities: Middle, Neighborhood: Squatter, Security: Middle; Rough Neighborhood Quality, +30% for Infected Lifestyle.

Credstick Balance: 3d6 x 50 Nuyen

Fake ID/Credsticks:
Fake SIN (Rating: 2), Fake Gun Permit (Rating: 2), Fake Concealed Carry Permit (Rating: 2), 4 Certified Credsticks.

Sony Emperor Commlink with Renraku Ichi OS, Armor: 6, Hardening: 6, Biometric Reader, Sim Module, Skinlink, Subvocal Mic, and Trodes.   Utilities: Browse: 2, Edit: 2 & Purge: 2; 2 Mapsofts (Seattle Sprawl, Rating: 2 and Redmond, Rating: 2), Virtual Surround Music, Virtual Weather, Wall Space, 2 VR Games, 6 - 30 Nuyen Simporn Recordings.

>Ares Predator IV Heavy Pistol with Skinlink, Concealable Holster, 5 spare Clips, and 300 Rounds of EX Explosive ammunition.

Riot Control Armor (with Ruthenium Polymer Coating, Nonconductive: 3 and Chemical Protection: 6) plus Helmet (with Skinlink mod), FFBA Full Suit (with Thermal Dampening: 6), PPP (all but Helmet, discrete), Armor Jacket, 1,250 Nuyen worth of Clothing.

Riot Control Armor, Helmet, FFBA, and PPP: 15 Ballistic, 17 Impact.
Armor Jacket, FFBA, and PPP: 16 Ballistic, 12 Impact.

Large Duffel Bag (of 100 Nuyen cost), Medkit (Rating: 6) with Supplies (x 5), Survival Kit, Tag Eraser, Gas Mask, Monofilament Chainsaw, Water Purification Tablets (20 Bottles), 8 Stimulant Patches (Rating: 4), Set of Containment Manacles.

Designer Notes:

Yes, I am aware he would be more optimized as a dual blade-wielding heavy weapons platform; I wanted to differentiate it from UmaroVI's troll, so this guy is a brawler with a trusty heavy pistol as backup.

For his lifestyle, Neighborhood was trickiest.  I pictured it as somewhere near the outskirts of Glow City, a really nasty area BUT with some intact buildings and boosted power.  Thus the combination of Squatter Neighborhood and Rough Neighborhood.

His fake SIN is good enough to, say, ride the tube, and avoid everyday hassles.  It is not enough to get past any decent checkpoint, and if he is stopped, it is really just good enough to open negotiations on what bribe is needed - it shows he is at least making an effort.  Normally I get the highest-rated fake SIN possible, but it doesn't quite fit a near-feral Fomori ghoul living in an urban war zone.

His commlink is durable, but is not the typical Firewall: 6 + high Analyze of a shadowrunner's commlink.  To him, it is more of a convenience and fancy toy at this point.

No dodge skill, but someone who rolls 11 dice for non-full defense ranged dodge, able to block in melee even better, with around 30-ish dice to soak damage, doesn't really need it.

He does 13P damage (assuming fists and feet instead of claws - he does 14P if your GM lets natural weapons stack with all of his other damage modifiers, but otherwise you are better off using martial arts than clawing), and has a high enough dice pool that he usually hit with a decent number of net hits to do even more damage.  Most targets will drop with one hit.  Even other troll tank builds will at least be hurting.

VARIANT: He has plenty of dice for damage soaking, and a high Edge is very versatile, but you may want to think about moving 3 points from Edge to Body, for 3 more soak dice and an extra point on his condition monitor.  It is a lot easier to raise Edge from 2 to 5 with Karma than it is to raise Body from 11 to 14.

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« Reply #18 on: <07-02-19/0302:59> »
...apologies.  Played a bit of 4 didn't really like it (save for the point build), so wasn't aware of the thread's origin as I came onto these forums after becoming involved with 5E missions.

However, that should not dissuade people from posting about 5E characters as well.  Time moves on.
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« Reply #19 on: <07-07-19/0106:59> »
No problem, I was actually addressing danglenn7 to warn him it might be from an earlier edition than what he is playing.  SR4 and SR4 are different enough that builds optimized for one edition don't always translate well into the other one.  In SR5, fomori are sub-optimal, and both SURGE and ghouls have been drastically nerfed.


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« Reply #20 on: <08-14-19/1037:59> »
Pornomancer would look something like this:

Elf ->Dryad

Mentor Spirit (Seductress)
First Impression
Class II Surge
Metagenetic improvement Charisma

Charisma 10/10 (13/15)
Magic 5/6 (4/5)

Con (Seduction) 6 (9) (+2)

Kinesics 3
Improved Con 3
Heightened Concentration from DG to ignore negative modifiers due to hostility

Bioware: 1 Ess worth
Tailored Phermones 3 - .6 Ess
Genetic Optimization (Charisma) - .2 Ess
Enhanced Pheremone Receptors R3 - .1 Ess
Moderate Biosculpting - .1 Ess

Doses of eX
Emotitoy R6

Cha 13 + skill 9 +spec 2 + eX 1 +kinesics 3 + Dryad (glamour) 3 + emotitoy 6 + EPR 2 +mentor 2 + first imp 2 +Biosculpting 2= Con 45 with no negative modifiers will instantly make anyone fall in love with you.

A more "playable" build would take the social skill group and probably improved Leadership instead of dumping everything on Con (Seduction).
This loses a few dice, but using the Commanding Voice adept power with 30+ dice is ridiculously powerful in combat, and still plenty to get pretty much anything done by anyone if Pornomancer sets his/her mind to it.

I don't think Biosculpting adds anything to this.  That's a minor caveat, but I was trying to find ways to improve my characters social skills, and this was one I thought could work for me.  Nothing in Chrome Flesh indicates that you get a social bonus; you get a bonus +2 to your dice pool if you have it and a system is trying to use facial recognition to pick you out a crowd.


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« Reply #21 on: <08-18-19/0845:23> »
The BIOSCULPTING SOCIAL EFFECTS sidebar on page 61 suggests a +2 modifier to seduction attempts, with the caveat that no modifications can make a character attractive to everybody.

The rule being referenced, though, is the optional rule for Cosmetic Surgery on page 23, in the TWEAKING THE RULES section.  So to get the +3 to Charisma, you need this rule to be in play, and a generous GM who rolls (or handwaves) the necessary hits on the surgery test.