"Decker-Cocoon" - PMV for outdoor-shy Hacker

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I would actually recommend against armoring the Horseman.

1. It is Restricted. This means walking around in it is as legal as walking around brandishing an assault rifle (with a license, mind you). It's not subtle, and you can't take it to some places, which defeats much of the point.

This will NOT be my public vehicle. I will only use it for dangerous runs when being seen (armor or not) is a BAD thing.

3. If you really do want armor - get Concealed Armor.

Takes 2 slots instead of the 1 and also only goes to 10 total instead of 12.

Also, the Advanced Cargo Module is what gives the Horseman arms.

Hm, did not know that. I wanted to bring my drone army with me, though, hence why I took the Drone module. Oh the choices! :S
Arms allow me to interact with keypads etc. (the only time I need to get out of my PMV otherwise).
The small landing platform would have allowed me to bring my drones (2 microtap, 2 repeater, 2 flyspys for recon, 1-2 dragonflies for anti-drone or sensor-kill task).
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« Reply #16 on: <05-01-13/1912:06> »
You'd have to ask your GM about it, but Hardening exists both slotless and as costing slots. I imagine the second version is just for small things, where with a vehicle it wouldn't matter. Then again, I imagine it'd also cost more.
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« Reply #17 on: <05-01-13/2149:30> »
If that's what you want to do with it, you want less PMV and more mecha. I recommend instead using the vehicle the Info Savant in the first link of my sig has:

Dodge Guardian (14000)
   Morphing License Plate (1000)
   Spoof chip (500)
Armor 16 (3200)
      Chameleon Coating (8000)
      Personal Armor 10 (5000)
      Rigger Cocoon (1500)
      Walker Mode (4000)
AVC 7.62 (2800), Firing Selection Change: Full Auto mod (300), High Velocity Mod (5600), Extended Clip (Drum) (1000), External Smartgun (400)
         x61 Ex-explosive Battle Rifle Rounds (610)
         x30 Stick-n-Shock Battle Rifle Rounds (240)
   Camera 6 (600)
      Vision Enhancement 3 (300)
      Low-light Vision (100)
      Smartlink (500)
   Camera 6 (600)
      Thermographic (100)
      Vision Magnification (100)
   Microphone 6 (300)
      Spatial Recognizer (100)
      Audio Enhancement 3 (300)
   Laser Rangefinder (100)
   Motion Sensor (50)

The Dodge Guardian is a good base for this, because it is 8 Body but still relatively small and has a built-in weapon mount despite being only Restricted. If you suck at Gunnery, you can substitute a cheaper gun.


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« Reply #18 on: <05-09-13/0030:51> »
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you need Rigger Adaptation if you plan on controling a vehicle Cybernetically?


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« Reply #19 on: <05-09-13/0054:37> »
You need it to jump in, yes. But you can drive it by remote without the rigger adaptation.
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