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A4BG is ... not incorrect, but his style of play (and running) is radically different.

Military armor is distinctive.  Military armor is a blatant threat.  Military armor, once spotted, cannot be mistaken for anything but military armor.  The corporations don't want to throw popcorn at you for you to eat, and wars of attrition occur only if you have idiots for generals.  What you have at this point is a Tucker's Kobolds event - where the 'low end' security guards are going to use every environmental event they can in order to contain, re/misdirect, and/or negate your personal advantages.  You can't shoot them if you can't see them; even if they can't personally hurt you, a wall (or forklift) falling on you is going to cause you issues.

Corp guards are as stupid - and smart - as the usual person, and the usual person is going to NOT try to shoot Iron Man with a taser.  He'll call for backup, and he'll get information.  Pictures, and lots of them.  While you're inside, they'll poke their noses outside to try and identify where your ride is.  If you were foolish enough to leave it unoccupied, they'll do Bad Things to it, and either eliminate it now, or wait for you to get back to it before blowing you up with it.  Or if you left it occupied, well - expending some drones in order to stop you might be within their budget permissions ... and there aren't a lot of vehicles that handle high-speed crashes well.
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