The Sioux

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Hey guys!

I've decided to play a character (yes with a cybergun...) who will come from the Sioux Nation and I am looking for knowledge to help me build my background a bit, as well as his motivations, goals and reasons for Shadowrunning, other then what google has given me of course. Does anyone know what the Sioux have been up-to and what they might be planning in the future? Do they have issues with other tribes, hatreds, at war or peace with anyone else? Also if you have any RECENT books to reference for more information that would be great.

Thank you!
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Chaos? Lack of protection? Enemies lurking in the shadows? Sounds
to me like the fun’s just beginning. Sorry you’ll miss it, omae.
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The Sioux special forces would be the Wildcats. As for 'issues', the main one with the Sioux is a rabid distrust of anyone non-Amerind, which often manifests itself in brinksmanship games with the UCAS. Oh, and they see themselves as the police of the NAN, stepping in whenever there's a problem in another NAN country.
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