Johnny Lawrence; A 6e Karate Sensei

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If you haven't watched Cobra Kai, shame on you.

If you have, please enjoy:

Johnny Lawrence, Karate Sensei

Name & Principle Alias Johnny Lawrence, aka "Eagle Fang"                  

Race D Attributes A Magic E Skills B Resources C                  
Body:   5   (   6   )      
Agility:   5   (   6   )      
Reaction:   6   (   7   )      
Strength:   4   (   5   )      
Willpower:   3   (   3   )      
Logic:   1   (   1   )      
Intuition:   5   (   5   )      
Charisma:   3   (   3   )      
Edge:   5               
Magic/Resonance:   0               
Essence:   3.58               
Initiative:   12+1D6 (13+3D6 on Jazz)               
Defense Rating: 10               
Qualities / Racial Bonuses                  
Aptitude (Close Combat) -12
AR Vertigo 10               
Dependents 3 (Karate Dojo) 12               
Long Reach -12
SINner (CFS National) 8
Toughess -12            
Athletics   5                  
Close Combat (Unarmed +2) 7            
Exotic Weapons (Tonfa +2) 5            
Influence (Instruction +2) 2         
Perception   3      
Piloting (Ground craft +2)   1      
Stealth   2      
Knowledge / Language Skills                  
Martial Arts               
2050s Pop Culture

Martial Arts
--styles known: Neijia, Tameshiwari, SWEEP THE LEG                  
Cyber & Bioware                  
Adrenal Pump Rating 2, Used
Suprathyroid Gland, Used                  
Fists of Justice
Grenades: 1x Glitter, 1x Cleaner (Krime Katalog), 4x Smoke, 4x Stun


Armor Jacket with karate patches
Respirator, Rating 6
Micro Transceiver
No Commlink at all, not even a Meta Link (threw it away)
Baddass Mirrorshades Rating 3 (Low light, Flare Compensation)
Jazz, x 4 poppers
First Aid Kit (for bleeders)
Fake SIN rating 4 (AGS: Johann Kreese- stolen identity of Euro-wars Captain and former Karate Sensei)
Fake SIN rating 1 (CFS: Orville Tootenbacher - alias used for ordering deliveries and signing up for mailing lists)

Sid C3/L1 Corp Exec (rich Step-dad)
Miguel C3/L3 Gang Member (Karate Protoge)
Carmen C2/L2 Doc Wagon Medic (Sort of Girlfriend, and Miguel's mom)
LaRusso C3/L1 Luxury Car Salesman (and sometimes enemy Sensei)
1mnth Low Lifestyle (Crappy apartment in Reseda)                  

Ok I'm enthralled with Cobra Kai.  Sue me.
On making a Sixth World version of Johnny:  I hate MagicRun, so I wouldn't make him an adept.  That means he'll need augmentations to be relevant in a team of Shadowrunners, and I wanted to take a light touch to keep him from being a full-on samurai.  The augmentations I picked are rarely used, and arguably still very good... other than the lack of Wired Reflexes or such.   To address that game need, he's a Jazz-popper.  Doesn't seem to far out of line with the character, just call them "Banquet Poppers" and it works.

Since he's not an adept, and since guns aren't his thing, and since he has a good Athletics skill, his ranged offense is Grenades.  It just has to be.  Of course, I don't have to be abusive about it, so I didn't buy any Fraggers.  I tied at least one hand behind my back in making him effective, but unless you're in a really min-maxed pack of munchkins I think he's a viable asset to the team.  Not a liability in social and infiltration scenes (no guns or cyberware to set off alarms is a pretty good advantage, actually) and when it comes to combat, he's actually not bad. 15 dice for unarmed/karate moves, before Adrenal Pump!  And between Long Reach and the very niche Neijia, he's got some surprises.  Of course I purposely didn't give him any bone density or whatnot, just like I didn't give him frag grenades.  If you absolutely MUST make a murderhobo, then swap out the tonfa and specialization for a Monofilament Whip.  Ho, hum.
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The can of worms one could open with using a canon character in a Shadowrun game is boundless. Fuck it. I'm making Ichiban.
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Pepper Punch Grenades my man.  Less noise and collateral damage.  Toss in Toxin Extractor and/or Tracheal filters for self immunity lulz.  Not as much up front damage, but the with the status effects they're still basically out of the fight.

Also, Precise Strikes, Nanoconstruction, and Zapper Coating.  Gets the Tonfa up to 6S(e) with the Adrenaline pump going.  If you use the Zoe Heritage Tonfa you can refund the Exotic weapon skill points.  Also Iron Skin and assorted kicks for more unarmed DV.  Either way gives you some non-grenade, but still decent Damage options for those occasions when grenades are ill-advised. 

And Crossbow or Bow if you want to have something that goes farther than a thrown weapon, but still fits the theme.  No additional skill investment, just a couple hundred Nuyen.

And can't really use a fake SIN without a Commlink, can you?  There aren't hardcopy SINs....