AnCon 2013

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« on: <02-19-13/1435:55> »
Come join us at AnCon!

We will be running Welcome to the Sixth World, Shadowrun Missions, and CMPs (Convention Mission Packs).

Where: Clarion Inn Hudson
            240 East Hines Hill Road
            Hudson, OH  44236

When: 2-5 May 2013

To purchase a badge and register for events, please visit:

To get more information on Shadowrun Missions, please visit:

Here's the current schedule of events:

Day   Date   Time   Event
Thursday   2-May   1300   Welcome to the Sixth World
Thursday   2-May   1300   SRM 04-02 Extraction
Thursday   2-May   1800   Welcome to the Sixth World
Thursday   2-May   1800   SRM 04-03 Rally Cry
Friday   3-May   0800   Welcome to the Sixth World
Friday   3-May   0800   SRM 04-04 Smugglers Blues
Friday   3-May   1300   Welcome to the Sixth World
Friday   3-May   1300   CMP 2010-02 Copycat Killer
Friday   3-May   1800   Welcome to the Sixth World
Friday   3-May   1800   SRM 04-05 On a Silver Platter
Saturday   4-May   0800   Welcome to the Sixth World
Saturday   4-May   0800   SRM 04-06 Hard Target
Saturday   4-May   0800   CMP 2010-04 Humanitarian Aid
Saturday   4-May   1300   Welcome to the Sixth World
Saturday   4-May   1300   SRM 04-07 Burn
Saturday   4-May   1300   SRM 04-08 Brothers United
Saturday   4-May   1800   Welcome to the Sixth World
Saturday   4-May   1800   SRM 04-09 Assassin Nation
Saturday   4-May   1800   SRM 04-10 Romero and Juliette
Sunday   5-May   0800   Welcome to the Sixth World
Sunday   5-May   0800   SRM 04-11 Election Day
Ray Rigel
Former Shadowrun Missions Developer and Event Coordinator
Catalyst Demo Team


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« Reply #1 on: <04-30-13/2129:41> »
Ok, so this question might be for Ray - first time attending AnCon, and have a quick question.

Are you all pretty flexible about a 7th player at AnCon like you are at Gencon?  Tried to sign up for CMP10-02 on Friday at 1300, but was just a bit late....was wondering if there's such a thing as generics or, if you let a 7th, how to get in??

Thanks, and see you this weekend!