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RP vs Statting

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Is no one allowed to suck in SR?
I'm a long time gamer, my gaming background is wide ranging.
Over the years I've grown to enjoy two aspects of TTRPGs.

I enjoy the RP, stepping into the mind of a character for a couple hours a week is a joy.

But more so, I love building the character but not in a CharGan capacity(though that is a ton of fun).
I enjoy building the character in game.  I often make my characters very advanced, how I want them to eventually be, and then reverse engineer that to 1st level, or 0 karma, or the equivalent for whatever game I play.

This means my characters are flawed in some way.  Often intentionally, so that I can take my unsure new runner who's ready for his first outing into the shadows, and grow him into a badass over time.

I'm running into difficulty with finding an online group.  It seems the online groups are uninterested in growing a character.  It's as though the mentality is, "If you can't take out The Aztechnology Headquarters on your first run then why bother playing at all."

I know SR is a lethal game, but sometimes a flawed guy gets through it by luck and wit, stumbles through a run or two, then becomes invaluable through growth.  I enjoy the challenge of playing a little above my paygrade at first then growing into the paycheck.  Those are the games I want to play.  If I wanted to be a combat god right out of the gate and faceroll my way through missions I'd play WoW, lol.  Am I wrong for this?

Michael Chandra:
If people only run minmax characters and heavy run from the start, that sounds incredibly dull.


--- Quote from: Michael Chandra on ---If people only run minmax characters and heavy run from the start, that sounds incredibly dull.

--- End quote ---

My thoughts exactly.

Ghost Rigger:
No one wants a millstone. Build a character that's competent to begin with, and achieve your growth by diversifying your skillset and gear.


--- Quote from: Ghost Rigger on ---No one wants a millstone.

--- End quote ---

Every new character is a millstone if you throw it in with a bunch of pros but if all the characters are on equal footing then they balance each other out and work as a team.  A team carries each other.

I prefer building an interesting character and make it badass rather than make a badass and make it interesting later.

“Ya wanna join the team chummer?  What do you do?”
“Uhh... I hit thing.”
“Where ya from?”
“I hit thing”
“Got any hobbies?”
“I hit thing”
“Great! You’re in, we’ll buy you a personality after this run.”


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