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Whats your favorite Corp for your Johnson, whats your favaorite corp as a target

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See above ;)

Which corp do you preferre the most as backround for your Johnsons and why ?

Which corp is your preferred Target for runners and why ?

Cheers Seras

I have a heavy leaning toward Wuxing as my preferred Johnsons, simply because my players got into smuggling/ transport runs.

My players have not develop a main atagonist yet, but it is mostly the Japanocorps, simply because there are three of them so they come up rather often....

Michael Chandra:
My Johnsons tend to be non-corporate. I guess technically my favourite Corp to Johnson would be Knight-Errant.

As for targets: Aztech because I hate them, MCT because players hate zero zones. In my main campaign I almost never had them run afoul of corps (instead there were Vory, Triad, Humanis, big threats against humanity, etc), but the one time they had to get into a facility, it was an MCT facility.

I like to offer jobs to the party without them knowing which corp is sponsoring their run. It heightens the stress of the situation. I will drop hints along the way like "If you fail this run, you might want to disappear for a while. This client doesn't handle bad news well" or such.

That being said, my favorite employer is historically Ares. The group seems to feel they'll not get double crossed by them as much with all the contacts they have within.

My favorite villain group until recently is definitely the Azzies. Blood Magic is bad, hmkay?

Recently, though, I created a new corp that has a heavy "Old Gods" vibe. They've become the new hateness.

I haven't done much GMing, but it's always fun for Mr. Johnson to pretend to have a different affiliation. Especially handy for someone from Horizon, in case they can outsource Runners Seeking Vengeance to another megacorp. Ares or S-K is handy for "Instead of nuyen, I'll pay each of you with new guns and equipment," and I like bringing in Karma-rich runs from Concerned Citizens who probably aren't harbouring a terrible secret.
As for targets, I would like to schedule runs against stuff like Aztechnology or Humanis, but I have been kicking around an idea for one crime syndicate hiring runners to attack a different one, while implicating a third. I'd probably need a long-term group for that. One that'd find a mob war exciting.
I did run a seat-of-my-pants one-shot where the runners were paid to extract someone who was secretly a monad, and got caught up in an all-out, spells-and-bullets-everywhere exchange between some shedim and bug shamans who'd unintentionally scheduled their evil demonstrations for the same time and place. It was all very tongue-in-cheek.


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