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Using the Matrix as a sniper weapon: Dataspike away ?

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Hi Guys 8),

in my quest to incorporate more Matrix stuff into my games I have been doing some research into the rules.  Magic is supposed to be rare, while matrix gear is available to everybody for a price. so I'm thinking of the badguys using two or three deckers to snipe the weapons, cyber and comlinks broken from a van while the muscle waits outside, then walking in on unarmed runners.

But everybody talks about the problem of getting marks. Why bother with marks ?

Why not just Dataspike the hell out of everything ?

Lets take the Erica MCD. you can configure it to be: 4 1 2 3 with a powerful agent program (level 6). Then add Virtual maschine with Hammer and Decryption

Now you are at  5 1 2 3  and the deckers and the agents damage is increased by 2 That means the decker and the agent each have a basic damage of 7 plus your Net hits on top. And in hot VR  you'll be fast, so you get lots of attacks.

The average gun/ comlink has a Matrix condition monitor 9-10 boxes with about 4 to 6 defence dice  ( Basic rules page 225 Damage in the matrix and page 231 Device ratings)

Thats seems pretty nasty. Yes I need to watch Overwatch, so I'll probably only get 2 or three attacks before disconnecting, but still.

And thats just the ceapest deck, I can always say the the gansters/corps have the expensive stuff.

What do you think ?

Cheers Seras

A few things I can think of... If your using it against player's they either run wireless off most of the time, or slaved their wireless on gear to a high Firewall and sleaze tricks (usually the group decker, or the various smoke-n-mirrors). Next, most other (normal) people who are running wireless, as soon as their stuff takes matrix damage (which screams hacker), they turn off their wireless to prevent further damage and bricking. Another thing, hope the mage doesn't sick his spirit on the decker's bodies while they are doing this... Once people get wind of some gang's usual tactic of "3 hackers in a van", they become predictable and soon you have people prepared to counter that. Just like the players getting known for using "heavy weapons" and rockets, they get noticed and suddenly appropriate countermeasures get set up. But the simplest solution is to turn wireless off, no more hacking (especially after it takes a hit)... That's my opinion...

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
The problem with trying to brick things is it's only a free action to go wireless off.  So you only get one shot against a savvy opponent.

Michael Chandra:
And three Deckers are expensive to get as well, even if you only provide them with cheap gear.


--- Quote from: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (22:32:08/04-06-19) ---The problem with trying to brick things is it's only a free action to go wireless off.  So you only get one shot against a savvy opponent.

--- End quote ---

Arrgh, I overlocked that part. So it has to be strong enough to do it on the first try, because you do not get a second one. Great Input Thanks !!

What about drones, you cannot turn the wireless off ( you can turn the drone off, but that makes it useless)

Does this mean Sleaze is preferrable to Brute Force ? I was under the impression Brute force was the superior option in 5. edition


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