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I'm starting a new campaign and two of my players made faces. I'm struggling with giving them something to do in a couple of the missions I'm planning. Hoping to get some ideas.

Mission 1: The team is sent on a seemingly normal snatch and grab, but they are actually being tested by the Johnson to see if they would be suited for future missions for him. Trying to think of what a Johnson would look for in faces. Was considering some sort of interrogation, but I'm not sure where I would go with that.

Mission 2: The runners enter a contest that pits them against other runner teams. I'm thinking of having 3 challenges that would cover the skills of the party - one a fight, one a hacking challenge and one of them has to be for the faces to do...something.

If anyone has any ideas for either mission for my faces, I'd be super grateful.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
An oldie but goodie is for Mr Johnsons to hire some gutter punks to accost the runners on their way to the meet with him.  See if the runners are able/willing to talk their way out of gang trouble, or if they want to show up to the meet covered in ganger gore.

@Stainless Steel Devil Rat  I like it. That would work quite nicely. Thanks!

kainite311: from The Losers... how to Face your way thru

LMAO !!!

I have not seen that one in a long time,  still hilarious.


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