Cyberlimbs, Cyberbody, Dermal Sheathing, and Bone Lacing

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« on: <04-03-19/1624:46> »
P. 456 SR5 Core
Cyberlimbs cannot hold any bioware, nor any cyber-implants that take up Essence rather than Capacity. Essence cost, Capacity, and other stats can be found on the Cyberlimb table.

With that said, are you even allowed to have Dermal sheathing and Bone lacing if you have cyber limbs and a cyber body?

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« Reply #1 on: <04-03-19/1634:49> »
Quote from: Bone Lacing, pg 454
Bone lacing
is incompatible with other augmentations
that add to or alter your bones
(such as bone density augmentation).

Cyberlimbs don't ever actually say they replace your bones, but it's probably within bounds of reason for a GM to insist they do.

As for dermal plating, it doesn't have a capacity cost.  Ergo you can't add it to cyberlimbs.
Quote from: Cyberlimbs, pg 456
Cyberlimbs cannot
hold any bioware, nor any cyber-implants that take up Essence
rather than Capacity.
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« Reply #2 on: <04-03-19/1706:01> »
Note that a Cyber Body doesn't exist. Cyber Torso explicitly is a shell, so you might still have bones underneath that. That said, I'd lean towards at minimum arguing that you get less effect (and pay less) since you have less to lace left.

Dermal Plating goes under your skin, so probably Cyber Torso won't combine with it? GM-call. I'd say no.
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« Reply #3 on: <04-03-19/1805:45> »
RAW, yes you can have Dermal Armor (or Orthoskin) and Bone Lacing (or Bone Augmentation) with your Cyberlimbs.

In actual practice, that's a lot of Essence, you're not stacking much of these on the same character.  Unarmed damage from Bone Lacing / Bone Augmentation wouldn't stack with Cyberlimb Unarmed Damage.  But you could stack up a few more very expensive Soak dice.


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« Reply #4 on: <04-25-19/1457:16> »
For me, no, cyberlimbs have armour as an option, use that. Bone lacing will only work for non-cyberlimb attacks (kicking attacks if you've got cyber arm etc) and give lessened benefits for more limbs replaced