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Just an idle wondering: is there any suggestion that HMHVV might have been created at some point?

Also, can it exist outside a biological form?

Trying to remember which books has the most written on HMHVV, I know its been talked about in at least a half dozen books over the years.... And if memory serves, I think it was Critas who was the freelancer working on the "infected" and MHMVV... (Or was it CrimsonDude?)

Running off memory here but:

We know that it has a "magical" component to its RNA structure, hence why it wasn't around before the awakening. (although some infected claim to have been made/awake/active during the down cycle).

Thanks to Tech and magic not working very well together, despite every attempt to get them to, I think it would be unlikely that it could have been engineered - if that is what you mean. (Especially given how quickly after the awakening HMHVV appeared on the scene).
I mean, they haven't even identified the "magic" gene (the gene that separates Mundanes from Awakened) yet, let alone replicated it, so some how engineering an awakened virus with the tech of the 2030s seems unlikely (Heck, Cyber limbs were barely a decade old!)

What do yo mean by outside of a biological form? Like on a countertop? Or in a solution of saline? It doesn't say. All it says is that it highly infectious, and requires blood contact...

Dark Terrors page 140+ has some info on HMHVV... but there are other sources as well. 

I mean engineered, yeah - but going WAY back to Fourth World, or even before - like an alchemical experiment or process (closest analogy I can think of) going very very wrong, and HMHVV being in the open ever since. You'd need something like an 'arcano-virologist' to even begin to break it down, and such animals are probably very thin on the ground.

By outside a biological form, I mean have there ever been pools or clouds or some such conglomeration of HMHVV just waiting to Infect some poor schlub (Patient Zero), and away we go . . .

I know next to nothing about the Earthdawn HMHVV (or whatever its called in ED). It wasn't a product I followed... And i am uncertain how much of ED is in actual SR canon. (There are some direct links, but after a company split, a division of assets, and a gaggle of lawyers, it's hard to know for sure..)

--- Quote ---By outside a biological form, I mean have there ever been pools or clouds or some such conglomeration of HMHVV just waiting to Infect some poor schlub (Patient Zero), and away we go . . .

--- End quote ---

To the best of my knowledge, there was no "Patient Zero" ever found, and I believe their was a massive effort to find one too... (like I said, HMHVV has been written about a lot and info is found in a lot of different books, so i might have missed it).

Which leads to the question of "how"... which I just can't remember the answer to.. I can remember that the first 2 scientists worked on it for years, both died of infection from HMHVV (or complications of inflection, like lead poisoning) but they never found the original source. Again, the magical nature of the virus may make that very hard to determine. This could have been a case of a population carrying the magical virus dormant in their DNA until the Mana Spike.. and suddenly you had a population infected and not a single Patient Zero... (?)

Is is possible there is a magical HMHVV puddle out there that started the whole thing off?  Maybe?
IF you need a "puddle" as plot device, well nothing says you'd be wrong :P

Sorry, I didn't mean Patient Zero in the modern era (Sixth World) - it's not a term that translates well to pre-modern times. I meant in whatever the original event was.

That said, I know there are written differences in SR Infected and their ED equivalents - it's possible that HMHVV is a term for 'it's something we don't understand, so we're just going to label it and pretend'


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