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The Dread Polack:
I got the idea of creating a card/sheet to help deckers track their cyberdeck settings, modifiers, etc. quickly. This is what I've come up with so far:

It's a work in progress. Ideally, you would laminate this or put it in a sheet protector, and use wet-erase markers to track attributes and other variables on your deck or for your persona in general. I also have a set of small American-sized board game cards that you would line up below this card to indicate running programs. They look like this:

For the GM, I'm working on a sheet to track info for a hacking session, including Host info such as Rating, Normal Configuration, and Security procedures. I'll put up a preview when I have it ready. This is more likely to be a printed sheet that can be filled out and thrown away. I might create a series of standard sample hosts of various ratings on half or quarter sheets to drop into this sheet.

Lastly, and also for the GM, I have standard card-game sized cards for all the IC in the core book. These look like this:

These would ideally be placed in sleeves and the GM can mark off damage with a marker.

Anyway, let me know what you think, and offer any suggestions. Especially anything you want added onto the cyberdeck sheet.

Oooh thats fancy. Im especially a big fan of the program cards.

Regarding the cyberdeck- wirh Kill code yoy no longer suffer any penalty for worling actoss grids. Only public grid still has the -2 modifier.

Program cards: maybe a small note/symbol showing if its a common or hacking program. Or its use like defensive, utility or offensive program.

I woyld think matrix action cards ala the program cards would be nice :)

That is awesome. Would love to see/use the final product!

Very nice, would be a great addition to my campaign!

Looks great and smartphone sized^^


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