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Playing a vigilante. What is your take?

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Well, I am looking for diferent perspectives on this matter.

Assuming you guys would make a vigilante character, how would be your take on it on the world of Shadowrun? How would be his "Modus Operandi", his gear (canon gear only), his atribute focus and etc.

I am curious because I am playing a runner that is turning into a vigilante due to several circunstances that happened lately in the game and thus I wanna know how other players and GMs would play such type of character.

Any input is appreciated.  :)

I guess for most vigilantes the end justifies the means.
So maybe a bit of demolitions,  Use of poisons, extreme contacts like terra first, avenger toxic shamans etc.

Qualities like biased (corps, government, law enforcements).

In the end though I think what mostly separates a vigilante from a vanilla shadowrunner would be attitude.

One man's Vigilante is another man's Terrorist....

SR is full of Vigilante/terrorists to take a gander at. From Humanis to Terra First to Mothers Of Metahumans, if there is a Cause, their is someone who will champion an extreme action.

If you are looking for some more pulpy examples, then there is the Punisher, or Grifter from the comics...

The Term Vigilante is Dangerous.
Being a Good guy runner is not about being a vigilante.

It's having a good code and following it. (You can have a code and still be bad.)

It's about doing the hard right thing over the wrong profitable thing.

It's about saving the innocent at great personal risk.

It's about avenging your fallen comrade, not for revenge, but because that bad guy has to be stopped, b/c they will keep doing horrible things.

It's about doing a job for no reason other then they need your help, or are just otherwise good people.

It's about helping clean up the damage done to the world and not just contributing to it.

It's about knowing Tenamous is just wrong and putting two in head any agent of theirs you meet, but not going looking for them.

I could go on for a couple pages but you get the idea.

kyoto kid:
...when I hear the term "vigilante" I think of those groups of self appointed "solder wannabes" who wear fatigues, carry semi auto (sometimes modified to full auto) rifles, seem to have some sort of chip on their shoulders (often politically motivated), and subscribe to some type of conspiracy theory.

...just my two .


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