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Getting out of restraints

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How do you do it?

Do you actually (need to) roll an Unarmed attack?
If you don't get any successes do you just do Base Damage from STR?
So if you have a 7 STR you automatically can break out of Disposable plastic straps (Armor 6, Structure 1)?

Ghost Rigger:
And that's the cops are always packing metal handcuffs. Between the augmented crowd and the regular trogs, you just can't afford to use cheap bits of plastic to restrain a perp anymore.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Using Escape Artist, pg 135 of SR5.

The threshold is set by the quality/nature of the restraint.


--- Quote from: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on ---Using Escape Artist, pg 135 of SR5.

The threshold is set by the quality/nature of the restraint.

--- End quote ---

Yes. Sorry. I meant not using Escape Artist, what is the procedure?

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
There isn't one (for 5th edition), to the best of my knowledge.

Still, superhuman strength is attainable by numerous means, so it's a fair question.  Due to the lack of leverage, I'd perhaps be inclined to say it simply can't be done, but that's a very unfun answer.

I'd default to the front of the book for a task like this that doesn't have its own rule.  Pg 45 establishes thresholds for various tests.  If I were to allow it at all, I'd call busting out of restraints at minimum Very Hard, and probably Extreme for the metal/reinforced cuffs.  Maybe a lower threshold to rip a handcuff open with your bare hands if you had leverage, but without leverage I'd say Very Hard at minimum.

Feats of Strength isn't governed by a skill, so it'd be Attribute + Attribute.  STR is clearly called for; STR + BOD is probably what I'd call it.  Perhaps STR + WIL, representing the ability to force your wrists to go through the pain...


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