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Favorite Low-Lethal Weapon?

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Ghost Rigger:
Narcojet and a needle; I'm currently looking for a reusable injection weapon to mount on my flyspy. If anyone could point me to one, that would be very appreciated.

Also, reminder to everyone that any weapon is a non-lethal weapon if your target has enough armor.

I have to 2nd RC for Gel Rounds myself,  usable with any of the Ranged Weapon skills.

That said, some other favorites depending on alternate skill used...

UAC = Shock Gloves
Clubs = Stun Baton
Throwing = FlashBang Grenades.
Spellcasting = Clout, Blast, & StunBall   (Or Fling using Flashbangs above.)
Summoning = Various Spirits using Binding, Engulf, &/or Confusion

I'm a simple man. I see something needs shooting, I shoot it with a warhawk. For nonlethal I like to load stick n shock because they still also work on drones. Flashbangs are a close second. They're just fun.

Iíll add my vote to the Gel rounds as I have been using them since the 2050s

Defiance-Ex Taser
As long as the Krime Tingler isn't errataed yet, it beats every other taser in efficiency. It's legal, it packs as much punch as a Ruger Super Warhawk, can be used in melee and informs you just how fragged your target is now - invaluable if you actually want to keep the weapon non-lethal.


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