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Favorite Low-Lethal Weapon?

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Of course, mine would be the Krime Tingler!


Itís hard to beat the Shock Gloves for sheer efficiency and ease of use... But I find that grenades of barrier foam have a ridiculous number of extremely fun uses if youíre creative.

Michael Chandra:
I like Flashbangs when you're at a distance. As for up close and personal, Stun Staff is wicked. Intimidating, Range, and you can go 'I'm doing a touch attack' for +2 and ties are a hit, versus no bonus damage from net hits.

Can I say a Narcojet slappatch? No?
Then Narcojet Gas Gun.

Ragin Cajun:
I still prefer an extreme ordinance of Gel Rounds in *insert favorite gun here*. We use the Knockdown rules frequently, so its like dominoes going up and down with them unless its an ork or troll or something like that. 


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