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Cyberadepts and their implications on the nature of Resonance

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Thus far, there's been no way to completely recover from Cybernetic implants, and certainly not while they're still part of a person. Then comes along Kill Code and these new-fangled Cyberadepts, and suddenly with a single immersion you can get a full essence point back. Now, I don't care much about the balance, but the implications of what this means about Resonance.
Now, we know that Resonance is tied to Essence, like Magic is. But now we know that Resonance can restore Essence, in a way that Magic can't.
My question is, why do you guys think that is? I'd also like to point out that the Null seem to be of the belief that Resonance is meatspace-based, which implies that it's not actually a byproduct of technology, but a byproduct of living things. My theory is that Resonance is actually the aura produced when a living thing reforms nature to its own devices, and it's for that reason that it's only recently starting to show up--Not because more of the world is being reformed, but because that which was already once refined to meet the standards of humans underwent another layer of refinement and reformation(The Crash causing the Matrix to go wireless) and as a byproduct, almost doubled the presence of Resonance, until it met the minimum threshold for touching humanity, much the same as the Earth only recently had enough life on it to Awaken again.

Submerging as a Cyberadept only restores Resonance. It has nothing to do with restoring Essence.
The first two submersions allows you to ignore 1 essence lost due to cyberware implantation when calculating resonance lose.
The third and fourth allows you to ignore one point more etc.

You are still burning your soul, which can only be restored through gene therapy over the course of month(s)

Aaah, you know, somehow I'd missed that minor point. It is, however, still interesting that Resonance can become independent of Essence. Does that mean that a being that never had Essence, should it ever gain an inkling of Resonance, could become a Technomancer?

Theoretically yes, but only if all the Essence lost is due to cybernetic implants.
The only problem is without Essence you are dead.

Michael Chandra:

--- Quote from: PiXeL01 on (22:06:51/02-16-19) ---Theoretically yes, but only if all the Essence lost is due to cybernetic implants.
The only problem is without Essence you are dead.

--- End quote ---

Now THAT would be a neat way for a Cyberzombie to break out of the restraints placed on it, TM-hack them and sing "I've got no strings on me..." Good luck returning that piece of stolen equipment!


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