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Just curious here, what's the highest karmic and nuyen pay day any of you fellow GMs have awarded your player team? And what was the job and circumstances?
   [Myself, I'm prepping to run a very tough mini-campaign in Manhattan and, partially because of the high security threat there, am thinking about rewarding some of the more dangerous runs easily in the hundreds of thousands of nuyen range. I might even cash out the last job at over one million nuyen, depending on how easily or how tough of a time they have with all the predecessor runs.]

So far, $30,000 for a 3-person team has been my max, which, as maximums go, is quite reasonable. But I'm actually working towards Splintered State, and I'm leaning increasingly towards leaving the payouts as they are. Let's see what they do with that kind of money.

Our team is inching towards the 100-karma-line, and they are currently infiltrating a Zen garden on top of the Xiao-Renraku HQ in Hong Kong (my own (German language) Mephisto Fanzine run) for NeoNET (set in 2076).

If they succeed, the 6 runners will get 4 million in NeoNET shares and corp script. They could spend this 1:1 "in house" or exchange it for Nuyen on the black market for a rate of about 1:3.

About 30% of that pay day already went into planning the run, though.

Michael Chandra:
Asides from something like 30k or something (I forget), the final run of the entire campaign was 9 karma and 100k each, featuring a trip into a Sioux Bug Hive. The Johnson (a meta-sapient AI and her clone) came along on the trip.

(Incidentally, on that run one player employed a self-made unit of Orichalcum to bribe a Force 20 Air Spirit to please not edge against the Summoning roll. So his expense was significant.)

I had these stashed in a file on my hard drive: payouts from early first- and second-edition published runs. Not entirely relevant for fifth-edition games, maybe, but interesting nonetheless.

0. Silver Angel: 50,000 upfront, plus 35,000 on completion and 15,000 bonus for stealth = 100,000 total (to be divided among runners)
1. DNA/DOA: 120,000 total (6 karma)
2. Mercurial: 5,000 per runner (8 karma)
3. Dreamchipper: 30,000 per chip recovered, times 3 chips = 90,000 per runner (up to 10 karma)
4. Universal Brotherhood, Missing Blood: 1,000 per runner (9 karma)
5. Queen Euphoria: 20,000 per runner (13 karma)
6. Bottled Demon: 5,000 per runner (16 karma)
7. Harlequin:
  a. Physical: 12,000 per runner (6 karma)
  b. Hates: 40,000 total (4 karma)
  c. Past: 40,000 each (3 karma)
  d. Loves: 40,000 each (7 karma)
  e. Counterstrike: 5,000 each (5 karma)
  f. Spiritual: 150,000 each (5 karma)
  g. Future: 70,000 each
  h. Present: 100,000 total (8 + 1/segment)
8. NAN1, Peacekeeper: 115,000 total (10 karma)
9. NAN2, Eye of the Eagle: 14,500 total (19 karma)
10. Dragon Hunt: 50,000 total (7 karma)
11. Total Eclipse: 10,000 each (9 karma)
12. Ivy & Chrome: 10,000 each + 20,000 bonus (9 karma)
13. Imago: 75,000 each plus a 400,000 deck (16 karma)
14. Elven Fire: 40,000 each (18 karma divided among players)
15. One Stage Before: 85,000 total plus 100,000 total (11 karma)
16. Dark Angel: 1,000 each (7 karma)
17. A Killing Glare: 3,000 each plus 15,000 total (18 karma)
18. Celtic Double-Cross: 12,500 each (9 karma)
19. Eye Witness: (GM’s discretion, based on lifestyle and run frequency), 15 karma
20. Paradise Lost: 60,000 each (42 karma, divided among players?)
21. Divided Assets: 50,000 total (16 karma)
22. Double Exposure: 1,000 each plus 8,000 total plus 35,000 each (25 karma)


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