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[Anarchy] Chicago Chaos


I have just finished reading Chicago Chaos and it had it ups and downs. I love the idea of Chicago in SR and have had a sweet wish of exposing my players to the horror that is the city.

The book has a great world building section and I especially liked the section describing the powerful spirits that are operating in Chicago. Such a section would be very useful for cities such as Denver, Seattle, Tokyo, etc.

The Contract briefs (or missions) are also pretty good if you overlook the “boss” enemies. Some of them seem to have been given an injection of teenage-overthetopmingitis, such as a shedim toxic shaman and a vampire insect spirit shaman just to mention a few.

Otherwise it is a good book which can serve as inspiration to many a Run even using the SR5 rule system

Those two examples of crazy bosses showed up, IIRC, in the SR Chicago Missions ('end bosses' from two different seasons).  Which doesn't change the weirdness of them, just pointing out that it wasn't purely a 'wow, Anarchy gets craaaaazeeee!' sort of thing.

Yeah, those were the part of ongoing plotlines and were designed to the big bads for Missions players. 


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