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It begins!

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Music and Skills sidebar, pg 58.

This passage states dancing is governed by the Performance skill, but can provisionally use Agility instead of Charisma.

This contradicts SR5 which establishes Dance as a specialization of the Gymnastics skill (pg. 133).

Pg 14.
14 networks are listed to dominate the market. But on page 18ff only 13 of them are described. Fourth World Studio is missing.

Pg. 18
Evo recieves its own keyword to describe its media content like all other megas, but is never listed as having a bit media presence and is thus also not described at all (might just be a quirk and not an actual error)

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Pg 172: Pitchfork weapon stat sidebar

Under notes, it's given the Fire damage special rule.  Since the weapon writeup is describing a literal pitchfork, surely the chart granting a pitchfork the ability to inflict fire damage is a copypasta error from either neighboring weapon block (torch or molotov cocktail).

On Reddit the damage code error of the pitchfork and the error of origins is sad to already have been passed up top and should be updated before going to print.


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