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Chicago Chaos is too.

I skimmed through it a bit.
The beginning is a bit confusing with all the made up music styles, bands, personalities, locations etc. so you don't really know what they are talking about now sometimes.
But I am very tired, so don't take my word on that.

The small equipment block in the book is, well lets stick with interesting.
If you ever wanted to weaponize Starlight Express, this it the book for you. Monofilament yo-yos and bladed roller skates. Other entries include actual torches & pitchforks and the utility uses for milk.

Oh, and someone please try out the Granny Sweetspell's Snickerdoodles recipe at the back and post the result.

I still can't decide whether including real and totally fabricated alternate timeline media would have been a good idea, except for Herzog's The Conquest of Aztlán and Aztechnology remaking it. I should've kept that.

I should add that if everything I wrote made it in, Look Forward In Anger would be at least ten times as long. And there's plenty more I could've added after the draft deadline, especially about weaponized media. Since mostly GMs read books like this, it was a little easier figuring out what to spare with the hopes that it's actually useful. There's a balance between specific stuff that adds nice touches of actual in-universe familiarity and references to specific plots or areas and trying to provide more abstract opportunities for GMs to develop plots and ideas themselves.


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