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SR 30 Shirt : A Question

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So, having seen the announcement yesterday, I have to ask.  Whose bright idea was it to have the SR30A shirt look like someone put together a strip club logo for Cafe Press?  This thing is so embarrassing that even the groggiest of grognards wouldn't be seen in public with it.

I want one.   ;D

Where do I order it?


Can I get a cybered up Ork girl in the background??

Pretty sure it will be up for sale on the CGL store next week (23rd, IIRC). They have also released hi-res versions of the logo...if you've got an image for the Ork, it would be pretty easy to merge them and get custom printed.

Michael Chandra:
They're in-store, $25 for a shirt and $40 for a hoodie. Gonna check with my brother if he's interested, so we can split shipping costs.


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