Technomancer controlling drones

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« on: (20:43:05/01-19-19) »
My player asked a few questions and I'm not sure I have the right answers.

First Question:
Page 269 under Pilot Programs says,
"Pilots have a Rating indicated by the Device Rating on the vehicle, drone, or other piece of gear they're in."
Same page, under Autosofts says:
"A drone has a number of slots to use for autosofts and cyberprograms equal to half its Device Rating, rounded up."

Now go to page 466, the Drones table. There is no Device Rating for any drone. There is, however, a Pilot rating, which is 3 for all except one, which is 4.

Do I use the Pilot rating in place of the Device Rating? Including for determining how many autosofts can run on the drone?

I'm assuming the answer is Yes here.

Next question: The only equipment they offer for drones/vehicles is weapon mounts and rigger interfaces. Is there more in other sourcebooks? How about doing normal industrial functions like toolkits? Could I outfit a drone with an electronics toolkit and a Hardware autosoft?

I didn't really see anything but maybe adding arms and autosoft?

Final question(s): Could I give a Machine Sprite three marks on my own drone, and have the sprite give the drone pilot program its commands? WOULDN'T THAT BE AWESOME? Wouldn't it be even better if Machine Sprites had Gunnery and Pilot skills and could jump into a rigged drone?!??!? Short of that, do you think the Machine Sprite's Diagnostics power could be used on a drone's pilot program?

I assume you can give the marks as the owner, and I think the diagnostic trick would work but I don't know of any way to get the sprite some skills.

Am I getting these things right?

Edit to add a question of my own.  Did they get rid of logic being the stat for gunnery when controlling it with your mind from 4e? That's rough on technomancers whose physical stats will likely be trash, and honestly since they already defined logic as mental agility in other parts of the rules it just makes more sense.
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Pilot rating equals Device Rating for drones.

For modification rules for both drones and vehicles you’d need Rigger 5.

Owner always counts as having four marks.
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You can't technically share marks, although as the owner of a device you can have it invite marks from a given persona, like your Sprite.
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