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Favorite Pistol in 5th.

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As the title states? what is everybody's favorite pistol?  Now me and my buddy agreed that the Silvette Guardian is really sweet but looking at the Ontario Violator it is looking to be my new favorite.  I'm also partial to the Colt 2066 and the Cavalier Deputy.  But again it may come down to character build or concept or rule of cool/ crunch or afford ability.

Depending on situation, character build and aim there are four weapons my gunslingers usually carry:

1) Defiance-Ex Shocker: Legal, powerful and easily concealed. The perfect weapon to carry around in everyday situations. Short range makes it an ambush and indoors weapon.
2) Ruger Super Warhawk: High damage, high AP with decent ammo capacity, great in combination with ammo select. Works incredibly well in combination with a shield
3) Savalette Guardian: Burstfire, smartgun system included allow you to hit and damage opponents with high defense. Works well with increased size magazines
4) Cavalier Champion: Even stronger than the Warhawk, but needs a special build to work well (either get a few of them or be an adept with nimble fingers and a GM that allows you to have that power also work for quick reloading of single bullets)

Honorable mention:
Streetline Special modded with ceramics and loaded with capsule rounds

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
It's hard to surpass the heavy pistol holy trinity: Ruger Super Warhawk, Ares Predator V, Savalette Guardian.

However sometimes what you want isn't necessarily a heavy pistol.  A Fichetti Security 600 brings fairly impressive stats to a more concealable platform than a heavy pistol.  A Beretta 201T is a more concealable alternative to the Savalette Guardian.  Etc.

It's not governed by the same Pistols Skill, but a toy I've been enjoying immensely of late is the Dart Pistol.  You don't need to score lots of net hits to be effective... heck you even still hit on ties (touch attacks!).   Pretty much noone remains awake thru 15 stun narcojet toxin... even those armored tanks who can shrug off assault cannon fire! Blight toxin (from Better than Bad) is amazing as well for pesky magical threats that standard gunfire might be challenged to neutralize.

Huh, never considered the humble street line, my little go to guy is actually the Taurus Omni...oh only Light ammo available cool? only heavy? ok.

oh def agree the Fichetti 600 is a slick little fella.

Like I said give the Onatari a look might not have the same frills a the other heavy weights but does get the job done and comes in at a touch cheaper price as well.

Hmmm never heard of the champion, but its a warhawk on roids? lol that sounds great. source so I can giggle like an idiot when I do this? an unsuspecting gm?

The Cavalier is in Street Lethal. In essence it's a sport pistol with a single bullet magazine.

I fail to see the advantage of a dart pistol compared to capsule rounds. Even with the added cost of DMSO you are still ahead thanks to the rule that you can fill 5 capsules with just one dose.


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