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Why do dragons have this fearsome reputation?

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Having brushed of on the latest SR lore I came to wonder why dragons have the fearsome reputation they have?
When people talk about them they are portrait as highly intelligent and master manipulator which gave rise to the "never deal with a dragon" saying. But when you look at the recent history dragons seem to fail with everything they do.

- Dzitbalchén got imprisoned, executed and dissected by Azlan/Aztechnology without anyone being able to prevent that
- Celedyr got played by Aztechnology which used their access to Eliohann to develop Blue-227 and other anti dragon weapons, failed to bring back Eliohann and instead unleashed Deusdragon (whats the current status of that anyway?) and then got outsmarted by Villers during the NeoNet breakup.
- Lofwyr was unable to prevent the rise of Spinrad who seems to always be ahead of him, didn't look all that good during his conflict with Alamais, even though he prevailed in the end and S-K lost the top AAA spot to MCT and a lot of influence in the middle east
- Sirrurg and Hualpa got both defeated by Aztechnology (either directly or by proxy) without inflicting any serious or lasting damage
- Hestaby lost everything and is apparently doing nothing currently (or is there any hidden information on her actions besides that she might possibly be in Seattle?)
- The war with the Black Lodge is going badly for the dragons
- Dragon killing seems to be quite common considering all the people who have done it (even UCAS government officials)

The list of successes for dragons doesn't look all the impressive compared to that and are often followed by a "but".
- Dunkelzahn got elected president, but died one day later
- Ghostwalker got control of Denver, but got defeated by Harlequin+Aztechnology and currently seems to be involved in heavy fighting for Denver (sketchy, where can I read more about the current situation?)
- I guess Perianwyr music label is still going well, but that alone is hardly impressive.
- Pobre getting Yucatan as a puppet of Aztechnology might count as a win? Not sure.

Have I missed some big spectacular win for them which makes them deserve their reputation? Or have the storywriters overused the "if you want to make someone look dangerous, have him defeat a dragon" method of characterization without realizing that by now dragons are more or less the laughing stock of the 6th world?

So far I can't really find any reason why someone should not "deal with a dragon" as compared to "deal with the Vory/Yakuza" or even "deal with a AAA backed Johnson". Especially Aztechnology looks way more dangerous than S-K as they seem to always win and have blood magic.

IMO, metahumanity has finally caught up to them.
Dragonkind might also have grown overconfident in their abilities, and are paying the price.
The line, "don't believe the hype" springs to mind as well.

Dunkelzahn commited suicide to power an artifact that could break down astral bridges.
The discovery of the astral bridge that prompted the suicide was destroyed, so I would call that a win.
Read the Dragon Heart Saga for the juicy details.

I know the events of Dragon Heart. Still, neither the public or even the shadows know about it and I also doubt Dunkelzahn had originally planned to have to sacrifice himself before Aztechnology messed with Horrors. It was necessary, but hardly a win.

A handfull of Dragons destroyed Brazils 300.000 man army in a few weeks and said: This is amazonia now, bitch

Lowwyr took over the Worlds largest corporation, before anyone new what was Happening.

Basically the puny humans multipled like rabbits and invented awesome Technology. But they are still trying to catch up.

It still takes a nation or a megacorp of metahumans to stop a single walk carefully


And how do you know that things aren't happening EXACTLY as Lofwyr wants?


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