[5e sum to ten] Advice on building a combat/vehicle focused aspected magician?

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As mentioned above.

I haven't finalised things like gear and positive/negative qualities yet,but I quite welcome suggestions for gear,spells,and skill/attribute distribution.

I came up with the idea of a relatively small go-gang consisting of Awakened Christian Theurgist bikers who venerate St. Columbanus and did jobs as muscle for larger families for things like robbery or arson towards their rivals. Eventually they were pursued by their targets,were chased into another gang's territory,and were either killed in the crossfire,or arrested in the resulting Knights-Errant response. This character was the only (known) survivor and is forced to work freelance and move from place to place within the city to cover their tracks.

My intent for the gameplay is for them to focus on being both useful as a getaway/chase rider,as well as a participant in physical and astral combat,being able to provide a big boom with weapons as well as being able to manabolt metahumans and spirits alike.