Broken Bear:Chrome Paladin (Please Critique)

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I've been going over this character in my head and annoying the crap out of you guys with nitpicky questions trying to get this concept to fly.

For that I apologize and I thank you for tolerating it.

I’ve made a cybered mage, focused on counterspelling magic and taking bullets to her highly armored body.  She’s a soak tank. 

 Her background is extensive, I suspect it's too long.  The Background also explains almost everything on the sheet so it's an informative read.

Your input as a community has been most helpful.
Now I must ask you to take this character that I've so lovingly pieced together over these many weeks and destroy it.

Look it over, tell me whats wrong with her, what needs fixed, what needs repaired, what needs rebuilt.
I'm fairly dedicated to the concept so telling me just to throw it away because it sucks isn't going to be helpful, lol.
But seriously, based on what you see, how could you improve her.

I used Priorities to create her.
D:Aspected Mage

Please Bear in mind that I didn't factor in availability when I purchased the gear.  I left that all to the backstory and figured I'd try to work it out with the GM if I ever got to play her.

Check out her sheet here and give me your thoughts.
I figured out how to do the google drive link! WooHoo!
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