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6th Edition in 2019?

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Shinobi Killfist:
I kind of see it as adrenaline or being in the zone. There is something to it where people can just get on a roll. That being said until I see what still gives modifiers and what edge fully does its hard to judge. Im not sure 1 edge to your target really represents firing blind as an example.

Ghost Rigger:

--- Quote from: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (16:40:16/05-06-19) ---What works for me is an assumption that everything in an encounter is relevant to everything else in that encounter.

Take the darkness and low light vision example: you're fighting a ganger in a dark alley and you have low light while he doesn't.  You get an edge to represent that.

Now say you defeat that ganger without having spent that edge.  You still have it, and then when his buddy steps in who also has low light vision, you don't have an advantage but you still have the edge that you gained before.

This still makes perfect sense to me because ganger 2 just saw you dispatch his buddy without breaking a sweat (or spending an edge in meta terms).  While that psychological advantage doesn't provide you yet another edge point, it explains why you got to keep the unspent edge from the first ganger.

--- End quote ---
So what happens when instead of another ganger, a cyberzombie with low light vision who's been using the gang as cover steps in? He won't be intimidated, so how do you retain the edge?

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Or if it's a drone that's backing up the ganger, it won't be intimidated either, right?

So if one specific rationale doesn't make sense, then obviously you don't use it in that circumstance.  Maybe instead of being intimidated, the opposition is instead being overly cautions in light of your demonstrated prowess.  Maybe it's you who's benefiting from uplifted morale rather than them who are demoralized.

Maybe a sports analogy might work?

If your football team demonstrates a powerful running attack, the defense stacks the line to do something about it.  You haven't yet demonstrated a devastating passing attack, but because they're shifting defense to compensate for your success on the ground now you have wide open recievers for a long strike.  Being good at one thing ended up giving you an advantage in another thing.

And again, if the GM doesn't feel like unspent edge should carry over from dispatching the mooks to when the Boss steps into the fray, then it can be a "new" fight and edge resets. No problem anymore.

There will always be ways to describe a cup as half empty.  It's more fun to describe it as half full, imo.


--- Quote from: AnotherUser on (15:06:16/05-06-19) ---
--- Quote from: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (22:30:56/05-01-19) ---We don't know exactly how it'll work yet, but yes that sounds like the general idea as far as I know.  And contrary to what you're implying, it sounds like it makes perfect sense to me. ...

--- End quote ---

If you can rationalize the game mechanic like this for yourself thats good. I admit I am struggling with it.

I am not even too much bothered by its influence on balancing or by arguments like `better do nothing than try difficult shots` or `goon-farming is OP. My main problem is how to picture a scene.

Say you are hacking an important device during combat. By what we know, it actually helps if you are being shot at, as long as the gun isnt too big and you are armoured/in cover. The idea is weirding me out.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, things like that why I've said situational modifiers is kinda the thing everybody hates, but nobody knows a better answer to represent thse kind of things, if you want to do a more crunchy, sim-based game.

We shall see, how this will turn out. I'm not writing it off, before seeing it in its entirety, but yeah, based on what we know so far, it has these weird situations and problems...

Shinobi Killfist:
The edge system on its own I dont have a issue with. As it can represent being in the zone, luck whatever.

Replacing modifiers though and which ones is where it may break credulity. As an example me shooting someone in the dark I give them a edge but roll my full pool. Shoot two people I split my pools its not just giving them a edge point. And autofire that is not compensated may have a dice pool penalty but crazy long range just reduces the attack power so just effects edge. 

Why dice pool penalties, split pools which are just dice pool penalties disguised in some case and in other cases its just a edge.


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