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6th Edition in 2019?

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Rumors are circulating that 6th edition is in development. I really think the community should be involved to an extent in the design process, find out what people like and dislike. I went back to 4E because I felt that skill caps being raised to 12 was a huge mistake, the new matrix stuff (aside from the return of cyberdecks) was mostly bad, large increases in gear costs, limits and accuracy were bad ideas, poorly written rules for matrix, magic, and vehicles, etc. Anarchy was a lot of fun for a while but poorly written rules ruined it for me and I came to miss the more interesting character creation of 4E.

There are also rumors circulating that the 30th anniversary core rule book for SR5 is scheduled for next year....

But rumors are rumors. Shrug.

So-called rumors of a new edition are by-and-large just people venting about how they don't like the current edition.

Personally, I'm really tired of it, because it just feels like so much negativity.

There has been no official mention of anything involving a new edition. Nothing. There are already threads out there discussing what to do for a new ruleset, and there are already threads about what is going to be new in 2019.

I don't see any new value here.

Regardless, I doubt they will announce 6E while still creating 5E products. However, I do believe it is not something the community should ignore because 5E does have a lot of problems and many of us are not happy. My concern is that all of a sudden 6E will be announced and will have been in development for some time, at that point it may be too late for customers to help shape the product and it could be a bad edition. Right now I am playing 4E and having a good time but I have purchased many 5E products and overall have had a bad experience, I would be very disappointed if 6E just pops up and turns out to be far from my preferences.

Honestly, I agree that the rumors of 6E are mostly people who have tried 5e and found it spectacularly wanting. Part of the clamor is because there are enough areas of the game with enough structural problems (read: Matrix) that it is simply impossible to imagine how they could fix things without major revisions or, in some cases (read: TMs), a complete ground-up rewrite. Combined with the... anemic modification rules for vehicles, drones, and weapons, a return of the priority system, and a failure to follow through on their own hype (remember the 'Year of Shadowrun'?), this has left a lot of people disaffected with the current edition. The CFD 'crisis', which was built up so much leading into 5E has turned out to be thoroughly 'meh', and the Lockdown relied too much on the computer games which never caught on, and we were left with... well, a bunch of nothing for long enough that the only reason people were talking about it is because it screwed up traffic on the eastern seaboard, until very recently, when it was almost an aside with the corporate court looking at NeoNET and the Audit. Even a shakeup in the corporate court and the megacorporate landscape was given a ho-hum treatment. It is basically like Shadowrun has been running on neutral for the last few years.

There just isn't the same energy in the lore in 5e as there was in 4e, and the structural problems 5e has are much more pronounced over those 4e had. At this point I think what is needed is either an overhaul, like D&D 3.0 to 3.5, or a completely new edition, like D&D 4th to D&D 5th.


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