Notoriety in new Season, Neo-Tokyo

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« on: (15:23:30/06-02-18) »
From the FAQ, p.27:

Reduce  limit  of  Social  tests  by  Notoriety  of  the  character  with
  the  highest  Notoriety  who  is  present  at  the 
Social  interaction.  Note  this  is  for  Social  tests  in  which  a  po
sitive  outcome  is  desired,  e.g.  Negotiation.  As  an  example 
Negotiation  (or  appropriate  skill)  +  Charisma  +  Extraneous  modi
fiers  [Social  Limit  -  highest  Notoriety  at  the  table]. 
It  may  also  be  added  as  a  positive  limit  modifier  to  Intimidati
on  tests  if  known  (*see  P
ublic  Awareness  below). 
For  example:  OJ  enters  negotiations  with  Mr.  Johnson.  Unfortuna
tely,  Tone  Loco  has  a  Notoriety  of  6  and 
refuses  to  wait  in  the  van.  OJ  has  to  roll  his  Negotiation  of  6
  +  Charisma  of  7  (elf)  +  0  (no  modifiers)  with  a  limit  of 
5  (OJís  Social  Limit  of  11  minus  Toneís  Notoriety  of  6).  On  the
  other  hand,  if  OJ  and  Tone  Loco  decide  to  Intimidate 
a  punk  for  some  information  and  the  punk  knows  Tone  Locoís  Noto
riety,  then  OJ  gets  to  add
  Toneís  Notoriety  of  6 
to  his  Social  Limit  to  make  it  17.'

So, In Chicago Missions Events, I recall that some unenlightened/unapologetic runners would appear at a Convention Table with Some significant Notoriety (IMO), and thereby screw-up Negotiations with Mr. Johnson (and once or twice in other instances).

What, if anything, should/can/may be done for Neo-Tokyo?

Is it permitted for the rest of the table to eliminate/take-out these player characters, temporarily or permanently, as real SRs would most certainly do in RL?

What does our Missions Coordinator suggest/recommend? What do the rest of you who see this think!?


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« Reply #1 on: (18:09:25/06-02-18) »
Ugh. Yes. Leave him the van rules does exist. But it's not really a good idea to invoke it, much better to just Face up and crush the roll in-spite of the penalties.
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« Reply #2 on: (17:52:03/06-06-18) »
Remind players that they can buy off Notoriety with Street Cred.

Otherwise, the GM makes the call on intercharacter conflict.  At a Conventions table, there should not be any and everyone needs to just roll with that gut punch.  At a table where the same core group of players regularly meet, there may be some room for conflict.  It's potentially a touchey situation.

Remember that each helper on a Teamwork Test raises the limit by one, as well.
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