Using Drugs with temporary / replacement ware?

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« on: <07-18-17/0444:01> »
So, small thought experiment:
Among the numerous char concepts I'll never play, I got some fuzzy ideas about some random businessman with anger issues with adept powers, and a techno-sam based around running diagnostics on a skillwire system and using redlined cyberlimbs.
Turns out both could benefit from drugs:
The split-personality berzerk-businessman from boosting his weaker mental attributes to not incapacitate himself with adrenaline pump + berserker rage, and the sam because most custom drugs just don't have any disadvantages.
If I assume physical stats of, for ease of calculation, 3/3/3/3, then a drug dropping 2 strength and granting (with narco) 2 BOD and 2 REA would have absolutely no disadvantages besides dropping the high physical limit by 1, right?
So, question time:
A) Is my assumption about the sam correct? I could boost Body, rea, and all mental attributes, and drops to the other two would barely impact my capabilities?
B) How would drugs react with other boosts that affect attributes negatively? Say, Surge Berserk triggering after drugs or adept powers dropped a mental attribute to 1? Would it just not reduce it, as that's the minimum, or would it sort of count 'first' thereby either resulting in a power being turned off or the drugs incapacitating the user?
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« Reply #1 on: <07-18-17/0501:23> »
BOD and REA going up by 2 and STR going down by 2 would cancel each other out in regard to your Physical Limit. So yeah, if you use cyberlimbs anyway it's no big deal losing strength, as long as you don't hit 0.

An attribute dropping to 0 usually incapacitates the person. Drugs can do that most certainly.

More interesting is the fact that the augmented maximum is defined as a +4, which means if you had a drug applying a -2 to that attribute you could benefit from +6 from an Increase Attribute spell.
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« Reply #2 on: <07-18-17/1349:39> »
Drugs would be the way to go with both concepts. 

The skillwire technosam is going to need higher Logic for a sprite herd, as the low lvl sprites you can register with Resonance 1/2 are not likely to individually add a lot of oomph to your skillwires. You will likely need to pile a few on.