[Custom] MTC Kisoutsu Cuff Launcher (Exotic Ranged Weapon)

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MTC Kisoutsu Cuff Launcher
[Requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Cuff Launcher]
Accuracy: 5
Damage Rating: 3S; 15S (Electric) via shock.
Mode: SS
Ammo Capacity: 1
Recoil Compensation: --
Range: 5/10/15/20
Cost: 2,500
Availability: 8
Device Rating: 2

The Kisoutsu is a forearm mounted weapon system that combines the traditional elements of a Grapple Gun with Magecuffs.

Originally developed for restraining para-critters and detaining awakened test subjects, MTC has since marketed the Kisoutsu to the public market with considerable success.

The sophisticated bracer contains a side-mounted magecuff on an internal gyroscope and a micro-wire winch system, allowing it to reel-in or incapacitate the target.

Small grooves in the bracer that appear ornamental are crafted with glowmoss, allowing the user to detect the presence of astral entities or the use of magic; delivering a potent 15S electrical attack (p.170, SR5) to the incarcerated.

Additionally, since its release to the foreign market in 2075 innovative (or perhaps desperate) Shadowrrunners have found they can use the Kisoutsu as a short-range grappling hook,. Utilizing the device's wireless functionality via smartlink to "cuff" fire escapes and similar overhangs. While more adventurous couriers combine this feature with cyber skates and skimmer-systems to surf behind other vehicles. Although, it should be noted any injuries sustained from the misuse of this device is strictly not covered by MTC and strongly advised against in the user manual.

The Kisoutsu can lift, drag, or pull a target (or the user) 10m per turn. Targets resisting can reduce this distance by 1m per hit on a Strength + Gymnastics roll. Targets/Users exceeding 150 kilograms cannot be lifted or dragged in this manner without warping the winch or potentially snapping the micro-wire.

Wireless: When linked into an ImageLink or SmartSystem the latching device of the cuff can be opened, closed, tightened or loosened as a free action.
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