Biometric sensor on my Americar?

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« on: (11:15:21/02-23-16) »
Quick question about basic vehicle  security (for your typical cheap vehicle, Iím not looking at expensive limousines or security vehicles, etc.).  Iím assuming nobody uses physical keys, and that the default for most people would be tying the locks and ignition in to a small list of specific SINs (as broadcast from commlinks). 

But would normal cars/bikes/trucks also have biometric reader options?  i.e. if you need to be running silent, or just fled a hospital in nothing more than a gown, or didnít put your third tier back-up ID on the approved list but really need to get into your car -- can you do it without an active commlink by using your fingerprints or retina or whatever?

If that isnít default, well you can buy a biometric sensor as standard gear, but what would it take to add it into a vehicle?
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Per the rules, having ownership is independent of using a certain device. So as long as you can form a persona in any way, you should be able to access your car.
As a GM I'd allow you to add voice control to open your car as a standard feature. After that you can use the car as a device to establish your identity.
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Vehicles as per Rigger 5.0 have a release code for their maglock as sent by the owners commlink to unlock the doors as well as has antitheft device which pick what type of stuff happens when someone not authorized tries to get in and 447 of core has Biometric reader as well as listings for various security locks and options for keypads and card readers (and page 448 has the necessary tools to circumvent said locks) so as per your aforementioned example if the person fleeing the hospitals car has a biometric lock he can opening it and start it using his biometric data (his pick thumb voice retinal) scan it alternatively some guy could use Cellular glove molder, retinal duplicator or Voice Modulator (provided they have a sample or just cut off/ record) the and compare it to the maglock rating of the lock to open it