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Now again I felt SR5 was too deadly.They have stated as part of the advertising SR6 is more deadly. The deadlier the game gets for the players the more they generally will move away from Pink Mohawk. I hope it is not more deadly, and that is just marketing. There are a lot of things I think will improve it from SR5, but there are a lot of things that have me worried.

Also the deadlier the game the less some may want to even bother playing at all.

The combination of "easier to take damage" and "we're giving you 1 major + any amount of minor actions depending on init dice and other bonuses (...instead of SR5's 1 complex OR 2 simple actions)"  says to me that they are making the game more tactical. 

Soooo...this is nothing but my guess, but for what it's worth, I'd guess that choices like "I stand there in the open trading blows with the bad guy" or "I stand there and hose down the area with gunfire," are much more likely to get you killed, because integrating the use of those minors into your combat plan ("I fire and move to cover") is the substitute for big armor. Again, nothing but my guess.
...and unless you are an amped up combat monster tank, you'll be spending most if not all of your actions doing the "duck and cover" to avoid being geeked particularly against grouped oppos. 

I think about several of the Chicago Missions I've been on where the team took hits but were able to tough it out and survive which with the new system would become multiple PC kills (the Tennessee scenario comes to mind for a couple).
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