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And there's already one. D'oh.


KN-Y0 Phobos, (Page 124)
The chart is shifted one notch off. It should be:
Handl 3, Speed 2G, Accel 1, Body 6(0), Arm 18, Pilot 5, Sensor 3, Avail 16F, cost 250,000


As you spot more, drop 'em in here and we'll get those fixes in ASAP.

First paragraph of Introduction; 'drek' was turned into Derek.  Unless using peoples' names as curse words is now a thing? 

Well, Derek *is* a jerk...

(notes the typo. Thank you!)

BMW Luxus (Page 73) doesn't have a listed availability field or value,  but those weapon mounts don't lead me to believe it'd be unrestricted at least  ???

Unless I am mistaken, this misspelled Aguilar as Aguilar. No hable Espanol I suppose.


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