A question for when Hard Targets goes legal.

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« on: (16:58:03/11-12-15) »
No, this is not me asking when it goes legal, just something to ask for when it does.

One of the items added in Hard Targets is an adjustable compound bow designed for Awakened characters with Variable strength. My question is, what awakened abilities can take advantage of this?

By the strictest RAW interpretation it would only effect Increase [Strength] spell. Improved Physical Attribute (Strength) power is a permanent enhancement to the stat much like getting 'ware. The question then arises for Attribute Boost (Strength) power, because as the power is written it only effects dice rolls rather than actually boosting the attribute, thus you do no extra melee damage, can't throw further or use a higher rating bow.
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« Reply #1 on: (08:32:37/11-13-15) »
There's an Adept power in Hard Targets that let's you shoot at  a higher rating.


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« Reply #2 on: (10:51:46/11-13-15) »
I had to go back and reread Attribute Boost to see what you were referring to .. and it is something I would say needs errata for. Boost (Strength) should definitely increase damage and strength based range as well. the intention of the power was to not change your limits or initiative

we will discuss on the next committee call
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« Reply #3 on: (11:05:43/11-13-15) »
I had that question as well. It makes no sense for your strength increasing to not increase your damage but everyone rules it that way.
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« Reply #4 on: (11:34:06/11-13-15) »
I figured it was meant to work explicitly with this power:

Quote from: Hard Targets, p190

This ability allows an adept to focus their qi and draw a bow that they normally would not be strong enough to use. Solely for the purposes of determining the maximum Rating of bow they are able to fire without penalty, an adept can treat their Strength as 1 higher for each level they have in this power. If an adept using this power fires a bow more than once in a Combat Turn, they must resist Drain equal to twice the number of levels they have in this power at the beginning of the next Combat Turn.

That said, it's also useful for a bow used by multiple people or someone who's training up so that they don't have to rebuy the bow when they get stronger.