Unsolved Mysteries of the Sixth World #1: Nadja Daviar

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I think some wires got crossed here. As Acme says, Crimsondude, he's just doing fan speculation on the subject and isn't looking for anyone to actually give him hard and fast answers.

On the other side, Acme, there was some freelancer discussions regarding similar topics that were leaked to those not part of the original freelancer group, so Crimsondude and other freelancers are a little wary when discussion of Nadja comes up.

No harm, no foul on either side, so please don't let this devolve into something else.

Sorry about the attitude, FJ.  I... am largely distant from other forums due to similar attitudes as CD's semi-accusation so it kinda made me a little tweaky that somehow I was suddenly part of a group trying to flame the writers. 

And hey, I understand the concept of the sore subject.  If he'd have said that instead of going "ALL DISCUSSION IS POINTLESS" then I'd be fine with that.  Obviously freelancers have their own ideas/theories for what's in the works, or else Nadja wouldn't even have been mentioned in Corp Guide/Vice- and the mention of her disappearance being so important to muddling up Ares made me think when I crafted the post six months ago.   Like I said, not asking for NDA-breaking explanations here, just a thing to encourage discussion, maybe to help breed run ideas in people's heads, and playing conspiracy theorist is fun.

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« Reply #31 on: <01-12-11/1242:37> »
You'll have a hole somewhere if you assume everything the books say are true, since they contradict each other. I have yet to find an explanation that can account for all of this :
System Failure, page 26
"Following Acting-President Daviar’s orders, Colloton declares Martial Law."

System Failure, page 106
"President Pro-Tempore Gene Simone will fulfill the duties of the President until President Haeffner and Vice President Daviar have been found. Martial law will remain in effect until the end of this crisis." [speech by General Angela Colloton]

Shadowrun 4th edition, page 34
"Under order from the President prom tem, General Angela Colloton declared martial law until the country was brought back under control.
When elections were held again, we had little choice but to elect a President who ended up being nothing but a tool of the corps during his entire term."

Running Wild, page 73
"Still ostensibly chaired by former UCAS Vice President Nadja Daviar, the [Draco Foundation] publicly works to enhance metahumanity's ability to interact effectively with the Awakened World."

Shadowrun 20th Anniversary, page 35
"Under orders from the President pro tem Nadja Daviar, General Angela Colloton declared martial law until the country was brought back under control."

Corporate Guide, page 49
"Nadja Daviar - Haeffner's vice-president and former voice of Dunkelzahn - went MIA during the UCAS coup d'état in the early days of the Crash 2.0." [comment by Frosty]

Corporate Guide, page 50
"It's only gotten worse since Nadja Daviar dropped off the face of the earth after the Haeffner assassination." [comment by Kay St. Irregular]
"Maybe the foundation decided to take a more active role in what it assumes would be Daviar's best interests." [comment by Plan 9]
"That's assuming that the foundation doesn't know Daviar's whereabouts." [comment by Frosty]

Corporate Guide, page 54
"The Draco Foundation - executor of Dunkelzahn's will - has controlled Gavilan Ventures ever since its CEO and former UCAS Vice-President Nadja Daviar went missing in 2065."
Discarding Running Wild is almost a necessity to make sense of it (remembering RW was originally planned as a 3rd edition book, a sloppy editing may explain some mistake). Also, the person who added Nadja Daviar name in the corebook history seemingly did not know what "president pro tem" stands for in the US. It might worth also noting the last quote from Corporate Guide says Daviar "went missing in 2065", which would be at least two months after the failed coup d'état. Daviar disappearing two times may provide the best explanations.

I would run it the way that 4A was just a typo (that´s the simplest solution and thus also the most likely for me), Daviar became acting president after Haeffner was lost, then vanished herself after an attempted chimera assassination. Gene Simone -freshly elected PPT by which ever members of the senat where still available- took over controll, and made the presidential elections that followed right after the crash, but turned into a corporate puppet. Coloton won the hot seat next.

The DF might or might not know Daviars whereabouts, but they sure got some instructions how to handle Gavilan Ventures, a departure from previous behaviour can mean they ran out of instructions or the situation changed enough to trigger some conditional instructions.

For what Daviar actually does with all that free time, my guess is as good or bad as anyones. I like the idear, that she is still hiding from Chimera, while taking care of undercover or private business. In my game she will certainly not sit her babies with RM, first and foremost because he´s so anoying. Maybe she makes backroom deals with the IEs/GDs/some other crazy guys. Though she may not be an IE herself, I always thought she (and Claudia Romanov) was at least a spike baby, as she apeared out of nowhere before getting picked up by the big lizard. I also thought she would be a Drako herself (either that or latent magic, since DZ never allowed her to have any cyber)- which might also mean that she got snuged away by some GD as a status symbol.


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« Reply #32 on: <01-12-11/1309:15> »
Considering how long lived even your average Joe Elf on the street is, I think the question of wether Daviar or any other elf is an IE is rather immaterial at this time. And for the next decades, heh.

And I agree that all those contradictions can be made to stick together. Its not all that bad. Of course, there is always the risk of new material destroying what playing groups have already made up about the topic, but that is a risk with virtually every new publication. If that rational was followed to its logical end, there should be no Shadowrun sourcebooks or scenarios be published any more at all.


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« Reply #33 on: <01-12-11/1545:16> »
Funny thing is that we wouldn't have to delete the Running Wild stuff since the term is uses is "ostensibly", ie "supposed to" or "presumed to", so the term there could just be "Well, we THINK she's running things but she vanished so..."

Anywho, DF runs Gavilian's voting and they posted Nick A. to the board, so the idea that she left them instructions is pretty good.  ND usually was a check against Knight anyway, so leaving behind someone who's a bigger check makes sense to handle things.