Reusing Biodrones

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« on: (13:35:54/10-05-15) »

Those marvels of meat and machine, expanding on what nature already provided around us.

You spend big nuyen to enchance them, you train them and in some cases grow attached to these furry/feathered/scaly little murder machines.

But like all things, they too shall pass.

Whether from wrangling with a bigger, badder biodrone or delaying security forces long enough to cover your escape from a run gone south or just the passage of time, sooner or later they come to their end of service.

Or do they?

The cagey runner is always looking to get the most bang for his money, so don't let the untimely demise of your biodrone mean losing a valuable asset altogether.

Rather, recognize the potential of the remains before you and do your part to Recycle and Reuse:P

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« Reply #1 on: (16:25:11/10-05-15) »
Oh jesus, this guy.  I've seen that cat before, but jesus.

What the frag dude.
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Jeeze.  It would almost sound stupid until you realize we're talking about an immortal elf clown sword fighting a dragon ghost in a mall.


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WTF? I don't care how well preserved it might be, W.T.F?

Snake Eyes

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« Reply #3 on: (01:39:17/10-06-15) »
 :o W.T.F. :o
That is disturbing
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