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Update from Lone Wolf re new SR packages coming out for Her Lab:

--- Quote ---From additional gear to new augmentations, new options from Shadowrun books can help Shadowrunners survive their missions in the Sixth World. Since returning from Gen Con, our data file authoring team is hard at work finishing up the work necessary to make Data Trails and Chrome Flesh ready for Hero Lab!
Data Trails is the must-have sourcebook for the Matrix, providing a ton of new possibilities for decker and technomancer characters, such as programs, gear, qualities, AI characters, and more. If your street samurai prefers cyberware, then Chrome Flesh is for you! This supplement includes dozens of new alterations, including bioware, nanotech, geneware, and more.

We know many Shadowrun fans are anxiously awaiting these new add-ons, and we’re hard at work preparing it for your games. If all goes according to plan, Data Trails should be available at the end of August, and Chrome Flesh will release at the end of September.
--- End quote ---

Patrick Goodman:
I'm more anxiously awaiting them fixing the Infected from Run Faster than I am anything else. Last I looked, that still didn't work right....

I've seen several questions posted about the timeline on Run Faster (correcting errors and finishing the options), but no replies as of yet

Good to see some traction from the Hero Labs front.

From what I saw posted, one guy who normally works on the Hero Lab Pathfinder end of things took a long vacation, forcing the Shadowrun side of things to languish a bit, as there was a very large Pathfinder project in the works (Pathfinder Unchained?). That guy is back from vacation, and I think the one who works on Shadowrun (Mathias?) is going back to those data sets, so we should be seeing Run Faster finished, as well as these new data sets, hopefully this year.


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