Gone Long Gone and the Founder - How's that encounter gone in your games?

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« on: (07:45:20/02-09-15) »
I ran Gone Long Gone for a Missions group yesterday. 6 characters ran up against the Founder. The result: 50% casualties - could have been 2/3rds, but one character got lucky. That guys is just plain brutal. What has the casualty rate been for you other GMs? Has anyone had a TPK happen, or have the mission fail because the players couldn't deal with the guy?



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« Reply #1 on: (08:26:42/02-09-15) »
One of two missions my character has failed.  It's a tough one.
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« Reply #2 on: (17:14:32/02-09-15) »
the time i played it on my main, we actually took him out rather quickly, but thats what happens when you have 4 magic people with counterspelling and 2 combat heavy trolls and a drone rigger.

the time i GM'ed it my group almost killed themselvs because they were going to throw HE grenades down the staircase with a physical barrier at the end of it, while they were half way down the stairs. (i kept asking are you sure you want to do this?) but eventually they came up with a better idea and after half the team was KO'ed the face was able to put the final bullet in him.


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« Reply #3 on: (19:14:21/02-09-15) »
Only one person made it out of that hallway concious. A table full of of edge burnt was ruled as Lothan and a few others showing up as cavalry, with Lothan holding the Founder off while CASEVAC was done.

That said, the runners did happen to all group up very politely at the barrier spell during that initial parley. They underestimated the danger, and it's fully on them. Tough encounter for sure, but very fitting for Shadowrun imo. Play smart or spend edge.